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Ryan Holiday Quotes

Ryan Holiday Quotes

"Having an end in mind is no guarantee that you’ll reach it—no Stoic would tolerate that assumption—but not having an end in mind is a guarantee you won’t."

"An honest understanding of what is within our control provides real clarity about the world: all we have is our own mind."

"Your problems will follow you wherever you run and hide. But if you seek to avoid the harmful and disruptive judgments that cause those problems, then you will be stable and steady wherever you happen to be."

"Remind yourself of what is in your control and what’s not in your control. Remind yourself to focus on the former and not the latter."

"There is clarity in simplicity. While everyone else is running around with a list of responsibilities a mile long—things
they’re not actually responsible for—you’ve got just that one-item list. You’ve got just one thing to manage: your choices, your will, your mind. So mind it."

"But in all circumstances—adversity or advantage—we really have just one thing we need to do: focus on what is in our
control as opposed to what is not."

"What happened yesterday—what happened five minutes ago—is the past. We can reignite and restart whenever we like. Why not do it right now?"

"The more things we desire and the more we have to do to earn or attain those achievements, the less we actually enjoy
our lives—and the less free we are."

"Our judgment affects what we desire, our desires affect how we act, just as our judgment determines how we act."

"Marcus says to approach each task as if it were your last, because it very well could be. And even if it isn’t, botching
what’s right in front of you doesn’t help anything. Find clarity in the simplicity of doing your job today."

"Strength is the ability to maintain a hold of oneself. It’s being the person who never gets mad, who cannot be rattled, because they are in control of their passions—rather than controlled by their passions."

"Getting upset is like continuing the dream while you’re awake. The thing that provoked you wasn’t real—but your reaction was."

"When it comes to your goals and the things you strive for, ask yourself: Am I in control of them or they in control of me?"

"Imagine the power you’d have in your life and relationships if all the things that trouble everyone else—how thin they
are, how much money they have, how long they have left to live, how they will die—didn’t matter so much."

"Cultivate the ability to judge yourself accurately and honestly. Look inward to discern what you’re capable of and what it will take to unlock that potential."

"If I know how you spend your time,” he said, “then I know what might become of you."

"Take a little time today to remember that you’re blessed with the capacity to use logic and reason to navigate situations and circumstances. This gives you unthinkable power to alter your circumstances and the circumstances of others. And remember that with power comes responsibility."

Quotes of wisdom by Ryan Holiday
366 Meditations on Wisdom, Perseverance, and the Art of Living

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