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"Life is one long learning opportunity.  Many of us fail to appreciate that we can learn, and grow as indivduals, from everything that happens to us, both good and bad."

"As you begin to appreciate that everything you do or experience has its own unique value, it will make your much more aware."

"Once you begin to deal with a problem, you are halfway towards solving it."

"Learn to value time spent with your nearest and dearest, partly because it's enjoyable, and partly because you never know how long you will have them for."

"Your world becomes a friendlier, warmer place when you choose to interact with other human beings, rather than just exist in your own little universe.  Learn to be more sociable!"

"It really does go to prove that life is all about how you choose to play the cards you are dealt.  Your ability to learn and grow is more important than wishing or hoping for constant 'good luck'."

"We tend to perceive our actions as either failures or successes.  This is one reason why you may not see life as the learning opportunity it is."

"Let yourself learn.  The more you do this, the more you gain control of your life and the easier it becomes to tackle the next problem down the line."

"Don't be scared of making a fool of yourself in order to learn from life."

"Babies try and walk unsuccessfully for weeks or months before succeeding."

"Sucessful people in life are not necessarily those blessed with the greatest talents or the most privileged backgrounds."

"Success is not about making fewer mistakes.  It's simply about our ability to learn, develop and grow from the mistakes we do make."

"There are no obstacles, only distractions."

"To be confident is not the absence of fear, it is our feelings of self-belief and courage being stronger than any fear or apprehension we feel."

"It might sound corny, but its true, you can think of your confidence as a muscle.  The more you exercise that confidence muscle, the stronger it becomes."

"The ones who manage to really shine and stand out are those who have put in the hard yards in terms of practise and preparation."

"The more you acquire strength from realising and acknowledge when you are the person you wish to be, the more your confidence will grow."

Written by Jamil Qureshi
The Mind Coach

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