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"There is no brighter gift, no greater potential given to us human beings, than the presence of a timeless Light within us whose power makes all things possible."

"The main reason we must always remember to hold our chin up whenever negative thoughts try to drag us down is that whichever direction we choose first, in that moment, is the one the rest of us will follow."

"Whether for its joy or sorrow, whatever we wish for another person comes true for us in the same moment we make that wish!"

"Any time our attention is given to some thought or feeling, it animates that condition, our attention invests what it falls on with a certain kind of life energy."

"If we mistakenly give any negative state its 'life', then the opposite must hold true: we can consciously withdraw that same life any time we so choose!"

"No dark state has authority over who we really are!  This is spiritual fact, pure and simple; but why can't we remember it in our hour of need?"

"Your True Nature is something already greater than any self-compromising state, much in the same way as the ocean shoreline is greater than the waves that pound it."

"Each effort will reward you with the growing realization that any time you start to feel miserable it's only because you have mistakenly identified with who and what you are not."

"We must do the work to prove our fears groundless, otherwise it is our fears that will gain ground and our lives will be spent in their service."

"Real success is a creative state of being that comes with living in conscious relationship with an intelligence that never fears because it never fails to achieve its ends, in spite of changing conditions."

"You already know that patience and willingness to persist through what is being revealed, even if momentarily bitter, will bring only sweeter fruits."

"The imitation of greatness gives rise to fear, but when we will dare to be ourselves, in spite of the fears, we awaken within us the character of that Greatness we long to know."

"It is in our power to discover that who we really are has nothing to fear, but that we make ourselves fearful each time we look outside of ourselves for some power to make us feel fearless."

"Don't wish for freedom, choose it."

"Start by challenging the false notion that negativities are true powers.  Deliberately walk past any dark state whose painful presence, left uncontested, makes you a prisoner of its domain."

"Success born of anything less than hard work comes with the fear of losing what was never rightfully gained in the first place."

"Reliving some past pain with the idea that by doing so you won't have to go through that suffering again is like throwing money out the window so you won't spend it foolishly later on."

Written by Guy Finley
The Essential Laws of Fearless Living

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