Dr. L.T. Coleman Jr. and Dr. J.M. Williams Quotes

Hope you enjoy the following quotes written by Dr. L.T. Coleman Jr. and Dr. J.M. Williams :

"People become quite remarkable when they start to think that they can achieve things, by believing and expecting great things to happen."

"You have to being to use your abilities to its fullest in order to compete in our changing society."

"We all have more strength than will and when we say things are impossible to do, it is often just excuses we make for ourselves."

"Anyone who has achieved something in this world has worked and studied hard for it."

"Stay focused on what you want to accomplish in life.  You have to think outside of your comfort zone in order to achieve your goals and be successful."

"You will have some disappointments in your life, that is a part of life.  However, learn from your mistakes and do better the next time."

"Never use failure as a reason for not achieving your goals.  Achievers are performers, director and producers."

"When we think about achieving great things and believing in our dreams, we can accomplish any and everything we set our minds to."

"Any type of achievement in your life must be constantly maintained.  You should never stop learning and improving yourself."

"One of the largest secrets in the world for getting ahead in life is getting started on making it happen."

"To think to yourself and say you want a better job or you want to go back to school to better yourself is a great thought, but if you do not take 'action' it is a waste of your time."

"Excellence is not being the best, but it is doing your very best."

"It is important to understand that whatever you wish to do, move forward with your plans, because that is the only way to test your ideas."

"Just dreaming and hoping does not make a poor person rich.  We believe a person should decide on one good idea and act on it."

"We cannot become who and what we need to be by remaining who and what we are."

"There is an extremely high need for us to become owners of our own businesses and train ourselves and children that working as an employee is not the way to make a living."

"A person must expand his or her comfort zone, and then growth and opportunity will appear.  We must expand our minds outside of the box."

Written by Dr. L.T. Coleman Jr. and Dr. J.M. Williams
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