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"We need the real confidence that comes from following our true paths on earth and trusting our inner guidance.  When we can achieve this, we do not feel the need to jump off bridges, or climb mountains, or walk tight-ropes, because we know that in real terms it is meaningless."

"Having fear does not mean that you have to be controlled by them."

"If you pin all your hopes on one dream, you might be missing out on something fantastic that you should be doing that would be far more fulfilling."

"It is not the end of the world if you cannot eat bread.  There are plenty of other options."

"Many of our irrational fears are a product of our loss of direction in life and a distinct lack of, or a very weak intuitive connection."

"Practically every experience in life is an opportunity for personal growth, for us or those around us."

"The thing to realise is that we are all subject to the laws of the Universe.  There are some things we do have some control over, but the method for attaining true happiness and spiritual growth is to let go and let the Universe be our guide."

"We need to be accepting of what the Universe has in store for us.  The more accepting we become, the more we are able to adapt and trust our own inner wisdom."

"There is nothing wrong with being around others if you are around people that foster your personal growth, but you should not need to be around other people to feel happy or complete."

"We should not fool ourselves into believing that we can take any course of action in life and expect only good to come our way.  If our intuition tells us to do one thing and we do the exact opposite, then we cannot realistically suppose that everything in our lives will be plain sailing."

"If you want to be self-employed, remember that you will need to be motivated, you will have to work long hours and take fewer holidays because you will not be getting paid for them."

"Money can buy you a great many things, but it can never buy you spirituality."

"Making money is not inherently bad in itself, but it has absolutely nothing to do with spirituality, which revolves around how you live your life."

"There are many things in life that are so much more important than being rich."

"Too many people are looking for easy answers.  They do not want to work hard for anything or wait for anything.  Instead they expect it to instantaneously drop into their lap whenever they express their demands."

"There is a theory that supposes that whatever you give, you will receive.  If you give others recognition, respect and live, you will receive this in return."

"We only get abundance if we have abundance."

Written by Dawn Mellowship
You Can Only Achieve What Is Possible

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