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Alyss Thomas Quotes

"Action is a feedback experience. We learn from our experience, then we act on it."

"When we take action, we always make mistakes, and itís important to have a good attitude towards mistakes. Mistakes are an integral part of learning: they teach us what we need to learn."

"If you donít make mistakes, you are not learning anything new."

"A valuable tip is to start believing it is worth making the effort Ė even if you donít always know why you are doing it, and even if you donít always feel like it." 

"Seek out the company of people who are relaxed and confident in themselves. Learn from them and let some of their
attitudes rub off on you. At the same time, make sure you spend quality time with yourself each week."

"Write a list of all your good, unique and admirable qualities and abilities.  This can include positive things others
have said about you. Then act as though you really do believe that they are all true."

"Be sure to write down the positive things people say to you and keep them for your scrapbook so that you can hang on to them rather than forget them."

"Make sure you develop new skills and achievements on a regular basis so you can always be proud of yourself. Take in and accept compliments, recognition and kudos along the way."

"Value, celebrate and actively express the ways in which you are unique, individual and different from others, as
well as the things that you share." 

"People do best when they imagine the best outcome, and then plan to make that happen."

"If you really clarify your values, it means you can be clear about your priorities. You know who you really are and what base you need to stand on to retain a strong sense of yourself. When you are in a difficult situation, you are more likely to know what to do."

"A value is a guiding belief or attitude that will run your life for you. We all have values, and they underpin and direct our lives."

"Much of life requires you to make an effort and put energy out. If you are not careful this can get out of balance and you can find yourself running on an empty tank."

"Time is a resource, and we can use it in the ways that suit us best, rather than fitting into and feeling driven by an
imposed schedule."

"Sometimes it helps to do nothing at all until you have really established your true, heartfelt values, priorities and desired outcomes, because if these are confused, you wonít be able to keep to them efficiently, and will waste time with
delaying tactics."

"Just before you go to sleep at night, itís really useful to focus on a question, perhaps something that has been playing on your mind that you would like to resolve."

"Relaxation is at the core of a life free of distressing anxieties. If you take the time to learn to relax deeply, when stressful life events come along your base level of anxiety is low and you donít then get swept up into an anxiety spiral."

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