Take The Guess Work Out Of Your Health

Improve Your Health Knowledge

This is a great reminder message for every one of us that we should take the guess out of our health and seek proper advice.  Through your increase health knowledge and pure persistence and self control in eating and exercising, you can cure your health.  

When you develop a positive mental attitude, you don't give up trying because you have previously failed or because you know of cases where others have failed.  You can be motivated and receive hope from successful experiences.  A baby learning to walk isn't criticized for falling after taking the first three steps.  It is given credit for the progress it makes in response to its conscious effort.

The Story

He was a young dynamic, successful automobile sales manager.  His whole future was ahead of him, yet he was mighty low!  In fact, he expected to die!  He even selected and purchased his cemetery lot and made all arrangements for his burial.  He got his house in order.  But here's what actually happened.

At times he became short of breath.  His heart beat rapidly.  His throat choked up.  Eventually he went to his family doctor, who was a very successful physician and surgeon.  The doctor advised him to take a rest, to take life easy, to retire from the work he loved, the thrilling game of selling automobiles.

The sales manager stayed home for a while and rested his body, but because of fears, his mind was not at ease.  He still became short of breath.  His heart would beat rapidly.  His throat would choke up.  It was summer-time, and his doctor advised him to vacation in Colorado.

He was carried into the Pullman compartment, Colorado, with its healthful climate, inspirational mountains, did not prevent the manifestation of his fears.  He would frequently experiences shortness of breath, rapid beating of the heart of the heart, and the same choked-up feeling.  Within a week he returned home.  He believed death was coming.

"Take the guess work out of it!" this salesman was told (as you might be told) by one of the authors.  "You have such as Mayo Brothers at Rochester, Minnesota.  Do it Now!"  At his request he was driven to Rochester by a relative.  He was actually afraid that he might die en route.

When the sales manager went through the clinic, he was told what was wrong with him.  The doctor said, "Your difficulty is that you breathe in too much oxygen."  He laughed and said, "That's silly!"  The doctor responded, "Jump up and down fifty times as if you were jumping rope."  He became short of breath; his heart beat rapidly; and his throat choked up.

"What can I do about it?"  the young man asked.  The doctor responded, "When you feel this condition coming on you can: (1) breathe into a paper bag, or (2) just hold your breath for a little while," and the doctor handed the patient a paper bag.  The patient followed instructions.  His heart stopped beating rapidly, breathing became normal, and his throat didn't bother him.  He left the clinic a happy man.

Whenever the symptoms of his illness occurred, he would just hold his breath for a short time, and his body would function normally.  After a few months he lost his fears, and his symptoms disappeared.  This happened more than 30 years ago.  He hasn't required medical attention since.


Of course, not all cures are so easily effected.  There are times when you may have to use all your resources before aid is found.  However, it is wise to continue the search with persistence and a positive mental attitude.  Such determination and optimism usually pay off.

Contributed by W. Clement Stone
Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude

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