How To Stop Feeling Anxious For No Reason

It is not healthy to always feel anxious for no reason as you can get really stressed or nervous without any reason at all. If you have that kind of symptoms you might have been having an anxiety attack. Yes, we all do get nervous about things, whether it be something at work, something with your family, or something at school. However, an anxiety attacks are a different level of discomfort and are more than just a little stress.  Obviously, you just got to rid yourself of these unpleasant moods and start to live a normal life again. 

The following are some tips to help you get through these anxious feeling for no reason.


When you are experiencing anxiety, your heart start to speeds up which causes your breathing to speed up. However, when your breathing speed is up, it can cause dizziness and you could just pass out. So whenever you feel that your breathing is speeding up, start inhaling through your nose for 4 seconds and then exhale through your mouth. This simple method is extremely important because it circulates oxygen through your body which prevents worse conditions.

Focus on getting rid of that feeling 

For you to get rid of this feeling you have to actually tell yourself to calm down. By this, I mean encouraging yourself to settle down and that you are getting worked up for nothing. When you start getting anxious feeling, your thoughts start to get negative message and is going to cause an anxiety attack in you and you will end up more anxious. As you convince yourself that you are fine and that you are getting worked up for no good reason, then it will help you get through your anxiety attack. 

Relax your muscles

When you start getting an anxiety feeling, all of your muscles tense up which is a cause of your anxiety.  What you can do is to start by relaxing your legs and work your way up to your shoulders. In this way, it helps your brain to settle down and it will help your nervous system to relax. When you are doing this, make sure that you don't skip this step because it is the last step to getting rid of your anxiety.


Feeling anxious for no reason is a serious problem around the world and it is important to know how to tame it. As long as you follow the above steps, it will help to cure your anxiety issues. However, do not stop your learning how to stop your anxious feeling.  There are always more to read and learn and it should not stop you from living a normal life.  So keep at it and I wish you good luck in your life for you and your family.

Do not stop your learning how to stop your anxious feeling.  There are always more to read and learn and it should not stop you from living a normal life.

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