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Nobody has yet found the ideal formula for longevity, happiness, good health and wellness.  However, just a little study of the massive amount of research done on healthy and long life reveals that cultivating good health habits are going to boost the odds of your life for longevity, wellness and happiness for a strong, healthy and appropriate weight body.

Consume veggies

This is absolutely not a joke and I am talking of a minimum of 9 servings per day. Unless you are following a very stringent  first stage of the Atkins Diet plan, a person will be able to eat 60-120 grams of carbs per day (based on your weight and exercise level), and you probably need to consume a stockyard filled with spinach to get that amount. Each major research associated with longevity, healthy individuals shows that these people consume a lot of plant foods. Absolutely nothing provides antioxidants, fibre, flavonoids, indoles, and the entire pharmacopeia of disease fighting phytochemicals like stuff that grows in rich soil.

Consume Fish or Fish Oil

The omega-3's present in cold-water fish such as salmon should deserve the name 'wellness molecule of the century'. They help to lower the danger of getting heart disease, reduce blood pressure, improve your mood, and are great for our brain. And if you are expecting, they might help to make your child smarter!

Social Connection

In every research of people who are happy and healthy into their 9th or 10th decades of their life, social connection tends to be among the "prime movers" in their life. Whether is it family, volunteer work, or even community, discovering something you care about that is bigger than you, that you could connect with and interact with other people or even animals like a dog or cat will extend your life, increase your energy and make you a happier person.

Get Under The Sun

It is interesting to know that a recent research showed that the four healthiest locations on this planet where people lived the longest were in sunny climates.  The natural light of the Sun improves your mood and enhance the levels of cancer-fighting, performance-enhancing, bone-strengthening Vitamin D where many people don't get enough of.  At least 10 to 15 minutes three times weekly will give you many benefits.

Have Enough Sleep

If you are always low in energy, gaining extra weight, easily irritated and look haggard, you know what? Chances are you are not getting enough sleep or rest. Sleeping well means an uninterrupted sleep at night without turning on the television, inside a calming atmosphere. Absolutely nothing nourishes, replenishes, and restarts our human system like a good 7 to 9 hours sleep.  Therefore, begin by sleeping an hour earlier and if there is a computer in your bedroom, you should remove it.

Daily Physical Exercise

Researches have proven that long-lived individuals are doing physical exercise daily like farmers who woke up at 4:30 in the morning. The human body had been designed to move regularly. Studies have proven that merely half an hour each day of walking or strolling not just reduces the risk of most serious diseases, but also helps you to grow new brain cells.  So get going now to do your daily physical exercise.


By writing down a list of things you are thankful for, you focus your mind on positive energy. Gratitude is actually incompatible with frustration and stress. Practice and learn to use your under-utilized "right brain" and spread some love. Concentrating on exactly what you are grateful for even for 5 min each day will give you the additional advantage of stress-reduction.

Consume red wine or grapes

The resveratrol that exist in dark grapes has been studied for its impact on extending life, that it appears to do for nearly every species studied. If you have a problem with alcohol, you can get resveratrol from grapes, peanuts or supplements. And if you happened to be a woman and you pick the alcohol option, make certain that you are obtaining folic acid every single day.

Reduce Sugar Intake 

The main enemy of vitality, health and longevity isn't body fats, it is sugar. Sugar's can impact your body hormones, mood, immunity, weight, and possibly even cancers cells which is all damaging. Therefore, you should put in the effort to take it off from your diet.  By doing that, you'll be adding years to your life.

Although this particular checklist might not be ideal, but it is a good starting point. It couldn't hurt you for trying the above as it is going to make a difference in your living years and it is never too late to cultivate those good health habits.

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