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Sam Cawthorn Quotes

Hope you enjoy the following quotes written by Sam Cawthorn:

"Nothing in life stays the same for long.  Change and challenge are constant, although the speed and complexity of change now means we can expect upheaval every few years."

"Pain is inevitable; it is part of being alive.  But misery is optional.  I knew I had a choice.  I could give up, listen to the doctors who told me I'd never walk again, and wallow in misery and bitterness.  Or I could accept that things had changed and use the crises to reinvent myself and get better.  I chose the latter."

"Forget about trying to recover what used to be.  Instead embrace the crises and use it to bounce forward into a life that is bigger, better and brighter than ever before."

"Change is like the weather: it's inevitable and in itself is neither good nor bad - it just is."

"A crisis therefore is a call to action - a situation or event that demands your attention and forces you to decide how to react and what to choose for yourself going forward."

"Crises simply force us to look outside our comfort zone and actively seek opportunities that were probably there the whole time."

"When life is easy and times are good we don't see the opportunities because we don't need to."

"If hunger stresses the brain matter in the same way that exercise stresses the muscles, then hunger really does make the brain sharper.  Hunger is a physical crisis that forces the body out of complacency and comfort; it triggers action."

"In moments of crises or severe adversity our mind and body will shift gear and often access resources that we simply didn't know existed prior to the event."

"Sometimes severe adversity is simply the universe's way of telling you that you are on the wrong path and need to make some changes.  Crisis is good for you!"

"Being challenged is therefore an important part of growth and development.  We literally think differently when challenged and stressed.  It appears that brain function responds favourably to demands and actually performs better in a crisis or difficulty, all of which makes sense from an evolutionary perspective."

"When we need something - say, to achieve a goal or solve a problem - and that objective becomes imperative then we are often forced to find a way."

"You need to control your focus so you can actively direct it toward solutions and positively and away from fear and negativity.  It's not always easy but this habit can change your life."

"Adversity and challenges can ignite some of the greatest opportunities in your life.  Sometimes we need a failure to see the new opportunities that were right in front of us all along."

"Besides, sometimes laughter really is the best medicine."

"Crisis has a powerful way of connecting you to your purpose and re-familiaring you with your why.  Once you share that why through open and honest communication you will always be held to a higher standard than you would have been had you stayed silent."

"If you have a growth mindset you see those abilities as the starting point from which to expand and develop through effort, perseverance and practice.  They represent the start line, not the finish line, and the real finish will depend on individual effort."

Written by Sam Cawthorn
Bounce Forward: How to Transform Crisis into Success

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