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Ricky Cohen Quotes

Hope you enjoy the following quotes written by Ricky Cohen:

"The power of the mind has replaced physical strength and is quickly replacing natural resources as the world's currency - the most resilient tool to ensure influence and success."

"When you have a true love of self and focus primarily on your own needs, you will have a greater ability to give to others."

"In other words, whether you accomplish heroically or minimally, whether you excel as a student or businessperson or are somewhat average - or even if you fail, you are unconditionally great.  I am simply because I am."

"Greatness doen't mean perfection, but it does mean an unparalleled and extraordinary existence.  Nothing can take away a human being's inherent greatness.  It is essential that we own this perspective as we garner the courage to build and grow our careers."

"Life begins with courage, the butterfly shockingly replied.  The courage to question and the courage to look inside - are the first steps to reveal your unique place in the jungle."

"Life's most important questions like: 'What is my ideal career?' or 'Do I love her?' must be answered with your gut, or intuitive sense - that which transcends your rational and logical mind."

"The mirror is a powerful tool in that it refects a truth that may be difficult to reveal, one that is felt deep inside of us."

"Interests + Skills + Needs = Career Success."

"Taking risks enables life's journeys and possibilities.  Your must risk to succeed."

"If you fail, if you can't reach or stretch - if you can't create the tension, fear and anxiety of growth in your life - you will shut the door to the best opportunities of your unique life."

"It's not about fire and brimstone.  It's about living the life a creature was endowed to live."

"You'll find that your time doing what you want most will turbo-charge your day job with energy and creatively."

"Over time, life will reward your courage and perseverance and the balance will shift in the direction of what you were truly built to do."

"A public failure forces you to stand unprotected, in front of every creature about whom you care, and to understand once and forever that the only thing to be afraid of in life is the failure to try, not the failure of trying."

"You must read or study things each day that expand and challenge all that you know.  You must stay fresh and curious, unafraid to revisit or reject something you've always assumed to be true."

"To be one step ahead of change and ultimately become a leader of change is about learning to learn and becoming a perpetual student."

"Lern whatever you enjoy learning - as long as you break a mental sweat, challenging yourself each day with new information.  When you learn something new each day, you'll be open, wondrous and curious.  Knowledge is the only thing that is eternal in the universe order of beings.  Once earned, it is yours, forever."

Written by Ricky Cohen
Essential Lessons for Discovering Your Unique Talents and Finding Success

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