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"The path of the knowledgeable, successful person, which only leads to supreme good fortune and great success is always directly in front of you."

"Being aware of danger causes you to take the necessary precautions that will protect you from harm when dangers arises."

"Always, it is the excesses, too much or too little that destroy you.  Moderation will always find you enjoying the great rewards of life."

"Every task must receive the attention it deserves if it is to turn out well."

"Whatever you are experiencing is a result of your intentions, your thoughts and your actions."

"There is no other activity that will reward you as richly as the daily self-renewing of your character."

"If your character is without flaw, you can carry out even difficult and perilous undertakings without fear of failure."

"Having turned back, you will progress like a hurricane, sweeping all obstacles from your path, and supreme good fortune and great success will quickly follow."

"Fear and courage come into the world together."

"Certain people uplift you, others pull you down."

"Only through serving can you obtain from those you rule the joyous assent that is necessary if they are to follow you."

"Opportunity comes in a flash and sometimes disappears in a flash."

"By cultivating modesty, you will make swift, sure progress because no resentment will attach to you."

"If you are true to yourself, if you live up to the best within yourself, you will walk the path of the knowledgeable, successful person."

"The inferior person is sad, the superior is glad."

"He takes precautions in times of safety that protects him in time of danger."

"It is only after the achievement of success, wealth, fame, happiness, love, popularity or possessions that you can be burdened with the fear of losing them."

Written by Author : Richard J. Leider
Finding Your Way in the Second Half of Life

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