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Paul McKenna Quotes

Hope you enjoy the following quotes written by Paul McKenna:

"Taking responsibility is taking control of those parts of your life that are within your control, while letting go of trying to control what is not."

"You are constantly letting other people know how to treat you by the way you treat yourself."

"The reason you are not yet living the life of your dreams is that you are wasting so much of your time and energy hiding your negative self-image from the world."

"Any negative traits you identify are not really yours - they belong to your negative self-image and were programmed into you when you were a child.  By identifying them honestly, you are about to let them go!"

"The key programs of human behaviour are habit and imagination, and they are far more powerful than logic and willpower will ever be."

"Images that are bigger, brighter and bolder have greater emotional intensity than those that are duller, dimmer and farther away."

"The way you feel from moment to moment is a direct result of the way you are using your body and the pictures and sounds you are making in your mind."

"Your experience of life is primarily affected by the perspective you view it from.  Depending upon the meaning we give to situations or events, we will feel and behave differently."

"People do what they do in order to achieve some purpose or fulfil some need."

"If you want to knock down the wall between you and the life of your dreams, it's best to do it one brick at a time!"

"When you pursue your goals guided by your values in the context of your dreams, miracles happen!"

"Because for anything to happen in the real world it first has to happen in the imaginary world."

"When you're working on a truly worthwhile dream, the dream is also working on you."

"If you do nothing else but live these values every single day, you cannot imagine how fulfilling your life will become!"

"Limit the amount of toxins you put into your body while simultaneously increasing your body's stress-hardiness.  The single biggest cause of ill health is an inappropriate response to stress."

"The continual inappropriate arousal of our mind and body can lead to illnesses."

"We tend to experience flow when there is a balance between our perception of the challenge we are facing and our perception of our ability to meet that challenge."

Written by Paul McKenna
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