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"Success is an attitude.  Success is a habit.  Success is easily available to all who want it, believe they can have, and put their desires into action."

"Success can't be attributed to fate, but to the deliberate application of very specific principles."

"A very important aspect of successful people is that they all had failures, sometimes many failures.  Most people never reach success because they give up after one or two setbacks."

"Presenting our passionate work to the world is a service to all those around us."

"Well-thought-out work habits, especially the habits of mind, can bring financial security and wealth.  With wealth, we have greater freedom to pursue what we enjoy, as well as to give back to the world and help others."

"You have to believe you can be successful before you will ever succeed.  It's impossible to create success without believing, deeply that you are capable of being successful."

"For most people, failure has become a way of lie.  Failure is a hard habit to break, after all, our social climate has given us high expectations, but our social conditioning has given us low morale."

"Everyone in the world has at least one talent, one passion, one hobby that can become profitable if applied correctly.  Contrary to popular belief, there is no shortage of money in the world."

"There is often an important difference between those who succeed and those who fail: their levels of energy.  Every action we take requires a minimum amount of energy, especially mental or psychic energy."

"When we do what truly interests and motivates us, the energy flows easily and effortlessly."

"Obviously, if you never try anything, chances are you will never fail.  But then, you're not likely to succeed either.  Success doesn't miraculously appear out of the blue.  It's always the result of concrete action and a positive mental attitude."

"Failure is our way of learning and growing.  In reality, there is no such thing as failure.  It's just part of our education on the way to our inevitable success, if we look at it that way."

"Success isn't handed to us on a silver platter, we have to take action, we have to challenge our old beliefs, and we have to risk failure."

"Wishful thinking is far more common than really wanting something.  A wish is weak, changeable and passive.  It's not strong enough to overcome procrastination or other obstacles that may arise in the process of getting what you want."

"The key to success ultimately lies in the proper use of the subconscious mind.  Both the means to make money and the outside circumstances affecting us are so varied and so personal that is would impossible to propose a single sure-fire winning formula to create success."

"The golden rule of self-suggestion is repetition, so this should be repeated daily, throughout the day, to have the best effect.  A relaxed state, where the subconscious is most receptive to new information, is the best, though not essential."

"Identify your limiting beliefs and change them.  Replace them with more positive, powerful thoughts.  Both poverty and riches are the offspring’s of thought."

Written by Mark Fisher
How to Think Like a Millionaire

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