Why Can't I Succeed In Life

As long as you are not an Alien who lives on this planet, you are likely to encounter obstacle in your life.  Napoleon Hill says that obstacles are temporary defeats and problems are here to build up our characters so that we can become a better person. An individual who does not understand about failures often asked the question, why can't I succeed in life?

When we encounter a problem, keep yourself encouraged and learn to see it as part of life education that will lead us to the path of success.  Instead of asking why can't I succeed in life, you should instead focus your energy and find the best ways for a solution. Sure, not all solution can be found and for those that we can't solve, we gain the knowledge that it can't be done this way and we still come out wiser due to the obstacles or failure. 

Even Superman who has great power also has lots of problem from his enemy.  Villains know his weakness and he needs to overcome the fear of Kryptonite in order to win in the battle against them.  No one can be free of problems or failures and you need to give yourself a chance to success and stop asking the question why can't I succeed in life.

There are no definite answers to your question on why can't I succeed in life but you can study some of these factors that you may have not realized.


Many experts mention the important of goal setting so that you can get a clear picture of your direction in life.  That is true and you should set yourself a goal based on your own belief and passion. Superman goal is to keep Metropolis safe from any villains so that people living there can live peacefully, so what is your direction in life.

Low Motivation

As human, there will be time that our spirit are low and that is why we need to keep ourselves motivated daily.  Read or listen to some motivation stuff daily so that you can bring your sprit up again whenever it gets drain away.  Love can be a great motivator and the love of your loved ones might just give you the spirit to carry on fighting just like Superman who will fight against all odds when Lois Lane is in danger.

No Planning

In your workplace, you will notice that many people have holidays plan but not their life plan.  If you desire financial freedom, then you should plan today so that you can retire in 30 to 40 years time via saving and investment.  If you desire career advancement, then you plan what management skills or knowledge you acquire.  Superman plans to keep Metropolis safe and that is why he plan his secret identity as Clark Kent who work as a journalist for Daily Planet so that he can get the first hand news when something happened in Metropolis. 


Once you make the decision for your personal goal, you need commitment and that require self-disciple.  You need the self-disciple to complete your law studies if you intend to move towards a law career or you need to acquire some internet relevant knowledge if you intend to make money online.


Believe in the power of a dream and learn to visualize your own future even when you have not reached it yet.  Visualization helps you to attract what you want out of life.  Every object invented start from some thoughts of the human mind.  Therefore, make used of the law of attraction by visualizing daily on what you desire.

Never Take Action

You can do all the planning, read all the motivation books but if you don't take any action, then the demon why can't I succeed in life will come back to haunt you again and again.  You got to be bold as no action equal to no result, it is a very simple formula to your success.

Why can't I succeed in life sounds like a painful question but it actually reflects your desire for success. Hope you can use the question to motivate yourself and work towards your own success.

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