When Life Knocks You Down Get Back Up

Every day, many people around the world are encountering some hardships in their life. Their country economy could be in a recession. Their country currency could be losing its value. Their country unemployment could be very high. There could be more homeless families now than before in their country. And if you were to watch the daily news, there could be some sort of disease such as the H1N1 spreading around the world. With all this turmoil in life going on, how can a person continue to remain positive?

Like so many thousands of other people, I was also knocked down when the fall of the real estate market came. Everything we owned was lost. The only thing that kept me and also other positive thinker going was continue thinking in a positive manner no matter how hard it was.

So When Life Knocks You Down Get Back Up

We have to keep telling ourselves that this was not the end and view crisis from another perspective. That this was NOT how my life was suppose to be. Positive thinkers learn how to knock out the negative noise that exist in their head and focus on only the positive.

Eventually things will get a little better. Just think, what good would it be to think negative rather than positive? There really could be many more things that could go wrong. Learned to put a smile back on your face, be happy and stay positive no matter what. You can beat any nasty things that came into your life and your life will get better and better. 

A few tips when life knocks you down get back up and stay positive are:

1) When something bad did happens, take a deep breath, don't overreact and then think about what the worst outcome could be. Always think of the bright side of what happened and get up when you are feeling down. You have to believe that there always is a bright side, whether you think so at the time or not.

2) Know that you have the choice of turning the bad situation into a good situation. For example, I never thought of how many job opportunities there are on the internet until that fateful day where I lost all my money in the real estate market. Now, I am slowing climbing back to the top with my internet home business. Albert Einstein once said: "In the middle of every difficulty, lies an opportunity.

3) Realize how bad you feel when you are having negative feelings. Do you think it is worth it? Now realize how awesome you feel and how beautiful life really looks when you are having positive feelings. It really is hard just to go from feeling bad to feeling good. The best way to change your feelings is to think of something that makes you happy and then go there in your mind.

4) Disciple yourself to avoid watching all the garbage that is going on in the news, whether it is on the television or in the news paper. It's OK to know what is going on in the world, but don't indulge yourself in it, especially when it is negative. All that does is make you feel worse and think that there is never going to be an end to all the bad stuff happening to you. Instead of listening or reading bad news, read a motivational book, or watch a comedy. You will be surprised at how your feelings will change, when you sit there and laugh until you cry at a funny movie.

5) Most important of all, stay away from negative people and situations. The last thing you need when you're feeling down is someone else that is down. Get around up and surround yourself with happy people and you find what a difference they will make to your life every day.

Yes, it is not easy staying positive in such a negative world. However, if you really open your eyes and your heart, there is a million to one in positive energy versus negative energy around you, if you let it in!  Remember, when life knocks you down get back up and cheers.


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