The Millionaire Next Door

Wealth building words to inspire you create more wealth.

"Most people who become millionaires have confidence in their own abilities.  They do not spend time worrying about whether or not their parents were wealthy.  They don't not believe that one must be born wealthy."

"Allocating time and money in the pursuit of looking superior often has a predictable outcome: inferior economic achievement."

"Being frugal is the cornerstone of wealth-building.  Yet far too often the big spenders are promoted and sensationalized by the popular press."

"Most people will never become wealthy in one generation if they are married to people who are wasteful.  A couple cannot accumulate wealth if one of its members is a hyper consumer."

"Most people want to be physically fit.  And the majority know what is required to achieve this.  But despite that knowledge, most people never become well conditioned physically.  Why not?  Because they don't have the discipline to just do it."

"Financially independent people seem to be better able to visualize the future benefits of defining their goals."

"On average, millionaires spend significantly more hours per month studying and planning their future investment decisions, as well as managing their current investments, than high-income nonmillionaires."

"Although millionaires have much more experience in making investment decisions, they allocate significantly more hours than do nonmillionaires in an effort to become even better investors."

"What if your goal is to become financially independent?  Your plan should be to sacrifice high consumption today for financial independence tomorrow."

"People who become wealthy allocate their time, energy and money in ways consistent with enhancing their net worth."

"You would be wrong to assume that these millionaires actively trade their stocks.  Most don't follow the ups and downs of the market day by day."

"They inoculate themselves from heavy spending by constantly reminding themselves that many people who have high-status artifacts, such as expensive clothing, jewellery, cars and pools have little wealth."

"The more dollars adult children receive, the fewer dollars they accumulate, while those who are given fewer dollars accumulate more."

"Teach your children to achieve, not just to consume.  Earning to enhance spending should not be one's ultimate goal."

"You can't hide from adversity.  You can't hide your children from life's ups and downs.  The ones who achieve do so by experiencing and conquering obstacles, even from their childhood days."

"Why do people operate their own businesses?  First, most successful business owners will tell you that they have tremendous freedom.  They are their own bosses.  Also, they tell us that self-employment is less risky than working for others."

"What is risk?  Having one source of income.  Employees are at risk, they have a single source of income.  What about the entrepreneur who sells janitorial services to your employers?  He has hundreds and hundreds of customers, hundreds and hundreds of sources of income."

Written by Thomas J. Stanley and William D. Danko
The Millionaire Next Door

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