Stop Holding Yourself Back

Humans on earth are all meant to exist in a space that is effortless and transparent of need. The human drive to excel for monetary gain that we are accustomed with is false for it will not fulfill the true need of wellness and satisfaction. Our source of energy desires for us to be connected to everything, it desires to be fulfilled and engaged, not only with life but from within. True abundance and prosperity is finding these needs met. Finding and becoming our own true desire, seeing it fulfilled, and at peace with our own actions leads not only to happiness but prosperity in many ways. It is when we start to limit ourselves into gaining an idea of wealth that we transgress and limit our movement forward into life as it should be.
All of us will find a heightened sense of desire and calling fulfilled when you free your mind and allow yourself to be guided by instinct and your calm center in regards to choices, events, and desires. When you let the false facade drop away from mind and allow yourself to be met by your own desires, to believe in them, to see them as possibilities, you have created it as such. By looking and seeing inside yourself as real, valid, necessary in your own life, you begin to accept that you are meant to be happy and free of strife. Abundance in life comes in many forms, friendship, finding your calling, peace within, it is truly endless and all possible.
When you are able to connect to your inner desires, they have a way of beginning. To believe the journey is fully in your right as a person, to be given all you need, opens the channels and clears the way for all those possibilities. We often block our happiness by not believing in our own self-worth, our value of life and happiness, as a given. Human life is not a struggle, endlessly circulating, but a generous gift that deserves our attention so that we may not only succeed and understand our place in it, but also to let go and believe that we are meant to be happy, fulfilled, and without need.
Start removing the idea that things are impossible. Remove the idea in your brain, which is simply a block on prosperity and gain access to all that you are meant for. Life is meant to be effortless always, no hindrance, even the idea of such, but open to receiving. Seeing all things as possible, beyond even what you may believe in your dreams.
Be willing to let go of struggle, stop holding yourself back and begin to see what may be and what you need as connected, as necessary, and of course possible. This is a magic gift you can give yourself. It requires nothing more than stop holding yourself back and opening up to yourself the beginning of what you are meant for and deserve in life, your own life.

Quotes for the day:

"If you are ready to believe that you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer, it shall be done for you."  
-- The Gospel of Mark, Chapter 11/Verse 24  

"Things turn out best for the people who make the best out of the way things turn out."
-- Art Linkletter 

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