For Those Who Desire To Be Millionaires

People who are millionaires do think and act in the same ways most of the time. The only thing that sets them apart from an average person is their financial thermostats. The millionaire's financial mindset is set for millions of dollars. So in essence, He or she is a big thinker. He or she has a higher limiting ceiling. He or she is playing a bigger game.

Here are the some the of millionaires habits that you should adopt if you aspire to be one:


Millionaires have a white flame of burning desire that will not go out. Sure it may flicker from time to time but it never extinguishes. These types of people are doomed to success. What I mean is that they can not come off their path when they see a road block. Something inside just keeps them going until they reach their goals no matter what.

Stay Focused

Millionaires are focused on only one thing; the end result. They know better to keep their gaze off of things that are undesirable. They know what they want in life and will not stop until they either have it or they die trying. They have a laser beam focus.

Self Deserving

Millionaires truly believe that they are deserving of their goals and dreams. Most people will not attempt anything that is extra ordinary only because they do not truly believe that they deserve it deep down. If you do not deserve this thing that you desire, then who the heck does? Oprah?


They are committed truly to success. I said this before and I will say it again. They will not stop until they either have success or they die trying. If you put your guts into something, it has to work.

Constantly Growing

These people always remain students in life. No matter what level of education that they have, they keep on learning and up grading themselves. They never claim to be a know it all and stop learning.


Millionaires believe in themselves and what they are after. The most successful people in the world have been called crazy crackpots by their friends and families. Look at the guy who created the light bulb, or the chicken guy Kernel Sanders, so many people told him that no one would buy his stinking chicken recipe. Now there is a KFC on almost every busy street corner in the US and Canada. You have got to believe in yourself and your mission no matter who tells you differently.

High Level of Discipline

Millionaires are good at supervising themselves. They make sure that they keep on track of goals and quotas. They make sure to get it done even when they don't feel like it. They are willing to go the extra mile if need be.

Master those millionaire habits and you are well on the way to join their rank.

Quotes for the day:

"You have it easily in your power to increase the sum total of this world's happiness now. How? By giving a few words of sincere appreciation to someone who is lonely or discouraged.  Perhaps you will forget tomorrow the kind words you say today, but the recipient may cherish them over a lifetime."
-- Dale Carnegie

"Action is a great restorer and builder of confidence. Inaction is not only the result, but the cause, of fear. Perhaps the action you take will be successful; perhaps different action or adjustments will have to follow. But any action is better than no action at all."
-- Norman Vincent Peale

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