The Source Of Continued Power

There are many paths towards success. There are also many paths that will not lead to success, these paths are not failures they are just paths that did not lead to success. Even those paths that are not going to lead you to success are not a waste if we learn something while on that path.

How well do you know about your own self? Are you the type who are self-motivated? 

Our own motivation comes from within each one of us. Motivation is the source of continued power that justifies the goals you wish to achieve. Think back on how a particular beat in music makes you want to start tapping your foot then it builds up through your body and soul and suddenly your whole body is moving on its own to the beat. Motivation is that beat. Listen to it, feel it and do not ignore it.

Our inner motivation is that continued power source that gets you moving out of our comfort zone to explore bigger and better goals to achieve. Our inner motivation is that instrument, so make use of it every chance you get. Self inner motivation will definitely boost your energy level to seek those goals you have always wanted. Take it use it to declare that you want to boost your love life, your personal relationships, your business relationships, and whatever area you want to increase your value. 

This is going to be a very powerful tool that will always be at your calling to assist you in creating a better anything you wish for. This new found emotion is going to bring you to levels that you thought you would never achieve, but that is it you can achieve anything with self motivation. Yes, I can do it and Yes I will. The self-determination to reach any goals you desire will be unstoppable. The empowerment you have discovered will not allow you to quit. The steam has built up and now you are on the road to success. Confidence is key and will be an inspiration to your goal setting.

Very often, people just say they are only motivated by the money they can possess. Well, money is not the only motivator. When I was a young chap a very learned man explained to me that there are riches in a good name. To bring shame to your family is not a motivator, but bringing pride to you and your family is such a great motivator. There so many people who only want to do what is good and this could be towards their friends, family, or a group. Social work rarely brings riches in the form of money to one self, but brings a purpose to your life and more importantly to the lives of the people you have helped. 

Therefore, apsire to increase your own self esteem and your confidence level and work on self motivation. As we have often heard so many times in our lives this inspirational quote, "the world is your oyster". Believe in it. Take pride in yourself by using positive self-talk to motivate yourself to many levels to bring about a better happier you.

To your own success.

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Quotes for the day:

"Three grand essentials to happiness in this life are something to do, something to love, and something to hope for."
*-- Joseph Addison 

"One of the most important keys to living a happy life is to clearly identify your core values. You must decide what matters most."
*-- Mac Anderson

"Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking." 
*-- Marcus Aurelius

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