Tell The Universe What You Want Firmly

The utmost important thing in making a difference to your life is to plan clearly and firmly what you want to achieve in life. The universe can only send opportunity towards your way but the miracles of life will remains like miracles in hindsight.  This is because the steps seemed pretty mundane at the time but there were those perfect synchronisations that seem to make everything just fall into place and when you think back as to how if any of these things were missing no way could you have accomplished what you did. 

Real miracles are those great ideas, motivation, drive, discipline, synchronicity, and a million other manifestations of infinite guiding intelligence from the universe, life itself is a miracle what else do you want. All you got to do is to feel and aim to become a positive feeler that the whole and the part are always working as one, what do I mean by this.  Well, I mean that separation is the human experience and the only real illusion that exists, everything is one and yet everything is whole it is the divine paradox, we have to use this as our power source and constantly reaffirm to ourselves for not giving up

Why is that so? 

What it meant here is that we serve the whole and the whole serves us what could be a better scenario or model for existence. 

Then what is the model for those huge companies like Google, Microsoft or facebook?  

They seems to be serving everyone and almost everyone somehow serves them, so don´t kid yourself niche market or no niche market you are a unit and every unit serves the whole like it or not, realise it or not, understand it or not. That which is not everything does not exist because only everything exists because by the light of wholeness do all things exist. 

What this actually means to you is you have an unimaginable energy available to you to harness towards your goals if they are of constructive benefit to the whole and work on a win / win scenario this is the fundamental shift every soul has to move to in order to really tap their potential, when people really make it in a way they fills them with joy, they rarely have that lingering doubt that they made it at the cost to someone else or to the detriment of the environment, and if they did well that joy may not last, real joy comes from a feeling of contribution made and potential tapped. If you are spending a certain part of the day tuning into your self as a unit being fed by the whole and feeding the whole it is going to influence how you approach everything in your life.  You will be seeing everything benefiting you and will look at how you can benefit ever more people.  You soon become a person that contributes and feels good doing it, also you will start making wiser actions in your life.

You need to moved to a state of divine alignment and may even have an experience of being a vehicle for divine intelligence which is exactly who and what you are, ego and all. This is because all the miracle you need and all the wishful thinking you need to start to receive more and more positive urges to move towards your joy and to appreciate all that you are currently contributing as well as ways you can contribute more. 

In the universe, there is no getting without giving and no giving without getting, even if the heavens opened to receive you and offered you the kingdom you would have to both give heaven and receive it for it to be real to you. Therefore, wishful thinking is one sided and hence immaterial. Whatever you want to wish for, give it and receive to the fullness of your capacity NOW and in every thought and feeling.


Quotes for the day:

"If you can't change your fate, change your attitude."
-- Amy Tan 

"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that.  Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that."
-- Martin Luther King, Jr. 

"Patience is the best remedy for every trouble."
-- Titus Maccius Plautus 


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