Taking Steps To Be Happy

Very often our happiness is clouded by those negative stuff that either is not very obvious or unhappiness is allowed to fester by the person concerned avoiding admitting to themselves why they are not happy. Is that you? Are you blithely going through each days knowing that you are not very happy and yet doing little to change it, hoping that it will change all by itself?

Well then, how you change all this?

How to get rid of things that make you unhappy?

Personal dissatisfaction with what is going on in one's life is often the main reason and apart from refusing to acknowledge the dissatisfaction, people often fear the changes they need to make to change the situation. For example, if you have been lethargic and uninspired in your work for a while it would seem that the obvious thing would be to leave the job. But many people instead will build a whole directory of excuses as to why this cannot possible happen.

The real truth is it could happen and it is possible. Everyday you need to put into place tiny little steps to make this happen. You don't have to scare yourself with major steps to start with.

The same applies to those people in ghastly relationships. If you are unhappy about the other person, the solution is to leave, especially if all reconciliation attempts have failed. Make the decision to Leave and you will be happy! The same method applies. When you are glued together by your finances (never recommended), and / or children you will have to take more care to plan your extrication because of the other people involved, but for your happiness it is necessary.

"Oh but he children...' people, (women), often say. The likelihood is that they are not happy when YOU are not happy. You would be doing them a favour just as soon as you are brave enough and prepared enough.

Deal directly with the problems head on. Have you ever spent days or weeks worrying about something and then finally when someone forces you to face your fears you feel a huge sense of relief that something has been done? So why not cut out the middle bit where you are doing all the worrying and take the stride to sort out the problem straight away? Even if the problem cannot be immediately resolved, you will still feel that mega load off your shoulders just by getting started.

Do you need help with personal self-development? 

The best type of help is usually to introduce into your life people who will fully support you and bring out only the best in you. Where self-development is concerned it makes sense to find and listen to someone who has personally tested and seen the results they talk about.

Relevant Reading : 
The Challenge to Succeed - Jim Rohn 

Quotes for the day:

"Values are most alive when we have specific words to describe them, and when we remain intentionally connected to them. It sounds so simple, but in reality, few of us make a practice of routinely making this connection."
*-- John G. Blumberg

"Nature, time and patience are three great physicians."
*-- H.G. Bohn

"When your values are clear to you, making decisions becomes easier." 
*-- Roy Disney

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