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William Gladstone, Richard Greninger and John Selby Quotes

Hope you enjoy the following quotes written by William Gladstone, Richard Greninger and John Selby :

"Having a positive attitude and a basic aptitude for the specific area of work you have chosen will get you headed in the right direction, but you still must apply yourself."

"Accept yourself as you are, both your strengths and weakness of personality and character."

"Good fortune smiles on those who appreciate their good fortune and who realize that their good fortune is not for their enjoyment alone, but for the betterment of the planet and of others."

"Creative power does not originate in the individual, but in the Universal, which is the source and foundation of all energy and substance, the individual is simply the channel for the distribution of this energy."

"The science of cognitive psychology has proven that our thoughts do carry the power to generate creative physical action."

"The more we give, the more we shall get, we must become a channel whereby the Universal can express activity."

"The Universal is constantly seeking to express itself, to be of service and it seeks the channel whereby it can find the greatest activity, where it can do the most good."

"The Universal Mind is the totality of all minds in existence."

"Every success has been accomplished by persistent concentration upon the object in view."

"It is in Silence that you get in touch with the omnipotent power of the subconscious mind from which all power is evolved."

"The Universal Mind is the intelligence which pervades all space and animates all living things.  The ability of the individual to think is his ability to act upon the Universal Mind and convert it into dynamic mind, or mind in motion."

"Focus on what you want to manifest, that's the primary act."

"We are related to the world within by the subconscious mind, which includes all subjective sensations such as joy, fear, love, emotion, respiration, imagination, insight and wisdom."

"If we think of some form of material wealth, we may secure it.  By concentrated thought the required conditions will be brought about and the proper effort put forth, which will result in bringing about the circumstances necessary to realize our desires."

"We cannot be happy unless we have health, strength, congenial friends, pleasant environment and sufficient supply not only to take care of our necessities, but also to provide for those comforts and luxuries to which we are entitled."

"The world without is a reflection of the world within."

"Your mind naturally becomes active when it's inspired by a great idea."

Written by William Gladstone, Richard Greninger and John Selby
Using the Master Key System for Abundance and Happiness

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