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Travis S. Taylor Quotes

Hope you enjoy the following quotes written by Travis S. Taylor:

"Every thought you have has an impact on the universe.  Your thoughts really do interact with the universe at the level of quantum physics."

"Take a difficult problem and break it down into a series of smaller questions that can be answered, and then continuing along the path until enough questions are answered to lead to an answer of the original problem."

"When the universe offers us the opportunity to eat for free, we have to act quickly and concisely."

"No matter what the reality is at any given instant, when you have a new thought, you are setting up a new quantum state.  With each thought, a new qwiff is generated that begins interacting throughout the universe."

"In order to focus our mind on our goals, we must learn to create a steady train of thought rather than a string of randomly firing ones."

"Practice focusing your mind on your goals for ten or fifteen minutes a day as sort of a form of meditation.  Train your mind to control how you set up your quantum computer and keep your train of thought steady."

"The universe is a mishmash of all the quantum wave functions mixed together to make up the reality we perceive.  Each new thought interacts and joins us through the Universal Quantum Connection."

"That is amazing in that if we learned to quiet our minds and listen; we might be able to tune in our minds to the universe.  We might be able to learn to receive quantum information signals from anywhere in the Universal Qwiff."

"Take a chance and do something.  We need to focus our minds and learn how to use our quantum broadcasts wisely."

"It is possible to train your mind in such a way as to focus it on a single train of thought to achieve the outcome you want."

"And, more important, envision the outcome of your thoughts and desires having already occurred.  Create the feelings and emotions of having already accomplished your goal."

"Learn to focus on the way you think about everything.  Remember, all your thoughts, even the fleeting ones, are quantum waves broadcast out through the universe.  Don't waste them."

"Only let the positive aspect of life, the happiness of being, pervade your mind.  At the very least, watch the news and politicians with guarded reserve."

"A visual thought requires setting up many quantum bits within our brains that then propagate through the universe as a quantum wave function, or qwiff, as we have discussed."

"Simple visualization has been shown to increase strength, speed up healing, and increase attitude and comfort levels."

"Nevertheless, a solution did present itself.  A solution did the work following my visualization and not before.  It at least makes you stop and think."

"Anybody who has ever had a eureka moment realizes that somehow a new idea nobody has ever had before manifested itself within their mind."

Written by Travis S. Taylor
The Science Behind the Secret

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