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Suzanne C. Segerstrom PhD Quotes

Hope you enjoy the following quotes written by Suzanne C. Segerstrom PhD :

"The more positive a person's expectancy is for an outcome, the more motivated she is to achieve that outcome."

"Positive expectancies-optimism-increase motivation and effort, whereas negative expectancies-pessimism-decrease motivation and effort."

"Optimism leads to increased well-being because it increases engagement with life's goals, not because of some miracle happy juice that optimists have and others don't."

"Your important and meaningful goals form part of what it means to 'be yourself' and, especially to your best self."

"Expecting success is a self-fulfilling prophecy."

"Optimism helps people see beyong the immediate road-block to a potentially positive future, whereas perssimists see only more roadblocks, problems and failures."

"Positive expectancies keep people working on difficult tasks in the lab when it would be easier to just give up and a positive vision of a beautiful garden will keep the weeder digging when it would be easier to go insde and take a nap."

"One guideline for entrepreneurs is to expect hard times for at least 3 years before it's clear whether the business is going to succeed or not.  And success is not guaranteed by any means: 50% of new businesses fail within 4 years."

"In general, people are happier when pursuing goals that help them grow as people, have meaninglyful relationships, and contribute to society and they are less happy when they're pursuing goals that help them to be more atrractive, rich, popular or famous."

"Goals mean gaining resources, feeling authentic, defining yourself and giving meaning to life and the way optimists approach their goals is likely to be the key to those benefits."

"Knowledge of the inevitability of death provides motivation to attach ourselves to things that will outlive us, providing vicarious immortality and reducing our anxiety about death."

"Compared with pessimists, optimists experienced a reduction of depression, less negative preocccupation with the death, and greater capacity for emotion, particularly positive emotion."

"Money doesn't make us happy, but relationships do."

"Having abundant friendship capital and social resources is a healthy place to be."

"People who have more social relationships have all kinds of better health outcomes, from lower susceptibility to the common cold to lower risk of death."

"A classic experiment in social psychology showed that beliefs about what someone is like actually creates those qualities in that person."

"Optimism is self-fulfilling if you act to fulfill those expectations."

Written by Suzanne C. Segerstrom PhD
How Optimists Get What They Want from Life - and Pessimists Can Too

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