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Susan Urquhart Brown Quotes

Hope you enjoy the following quotes written by Susan Urquhart Brown :

"You must be internally driven to make your vision a reality."

"Sometimes you need to just do it or to test ideas to really find out whether they work."

"Clearly, making money is a large motivation.  Aside from making money, though, what motivates you."

"Decide what you need to accomplish, and set priorities for your objectives."

"Every great accomplishment starts with an idea or thought.  When you write down your thoughts, ideas and plans, they become more real and actionable."

"When your purpose becomes clear, you can align it with your vision for your business and the magic starts happening, achieving your intention seems much easier and in some cases effortless."

"When you have clarity of purpose and know what you want, it is much easier to know which opportunities will further your vision."

"Keep your intention or destination in sight and in your heart.  Just keep going with the flow.  If you bump into an obstacle, it's reminder to re-evaluate and choose what's next."

"When fear stops you, take one baby step toward your intention and keep moving one step at a time.  Energy begins to build, support shows up and soon you are on your way."

"If you don't manage your time well, you may never actually enjoy those things you love to do."

"It's a human habit to continue doing what you are used to doing, even if you don't like it, because it's the pattern you know."

"Practice your positive statements every day for a month.  You'll be happily surprised at the results."

"Make connections and build a support network.  You will find that this network will nurture you and your business in many unforeseen ways."

"When you have a little spontaneous fun you will be surprised how much better your time management, delegation, inspiration and business become."

"Have faith in your own ideas and abilities.  If you don't believe in yourself, it's hard for others to believe in you."

"Put balance in your life.  Spend more time with your family and friends.  Do those leisure activities for which you didn't have time during the year."

"Daily habits are small constructive actions done on a daily routine basis, which can quickly give you a sense of accomplishment and forward momentum."

Written by Susan Urquhart Brown
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