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Susan Smith Jones Quotes

Hope you enjoy the following quotes written by Susan Smith Jones :

"The body reflects the mind, and the mind reflects the spirit."

"She explained to me that even when our lives are burdened with loss and tragedy, we can still find much to be grateful for."

"The first thing she taught me was to begin each day blessing everything, the sunrise, the sound of the mourning doves, my unlimited opportunities, my potential to create whatever I wanted and anything I had planned for the day."

"Attitude is the mind's paintbrush, it can color anything."

"Think about this: eighty billion humans have walked this planet since the beginning of time, and never has there been anyone exactly like you."

"You attract to yourself that which you believe you deserve."

"We must go beyond our limiting beliefs and realize our importance to ourselves and to the world."

"Whether we succeed or fail, enjoy our lives or struggle, depends largely on how we view ourselves.  In fact, numerous studies have concluded that the key to taking control of our lives is changing the view we have of ourselves."

"Who you truly are, deep in your heart, is so much greater than anything you'll ever achieve in life."

"When you are living fully, each day brings reason to celebrate, and work and play become one."

"When you celebrate yourself and life, you find yourself doing what you love to do."

"But when you are living fully, hardships are shortlived, and you can learn from them and grow and change."

"Whatever you give your love, time and attention to will return to you."

"Think only about those things you want to invite into your life."

"Our lives reflect our thoughts, dreams, expectations, beliefs, hopes, feelings of self-worth and desires."

"When we take charge of our thoughts, our emotions, our words, and our actions, all things respond.  Through the activity of dwelling in heart-light, we have the power to retrain our minds."

"Affirmations are an opportunity to speak the truth about who you are and what you want to create."

Written by Susan Smith Jones, PHD
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