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Susan Jeffers Quotes

Hope you enjoy the following quotes written by Susan Jeffers:

"When we allow external trappings to be the measure of our self-worth, instead of feeling like a somebody, we end up feeling like a nobody!"

"If you want to drive yourself crazy, try to figure out what other people want you to be.  And then try to become it.  A perfect recipe for self-destruction."

"When anyone puts you down for being who you truly are, it is your signal to move on to others who applaud you for being who you truly are."

"Your worth depends only on what YOU think of you!  Sometimes that's the problem!"

"The ability to connect has to do with healing our inner wounds and increasing our self-respect."

"When we have thoughts of competing, controlling, and comparing, we are led straight to hell.  When we have thoughts about caring, sharing and loving, we are led straight to Heaven.  And you thought you had to die to go to Heaven!"

"It is important to include in our circle those with whom we can authentically share, Heart and Soul, all that we hold inside.  There is never a need to feel alone in this world."
Susan Jeffers Quotes "There is no need to wait for anyone to give you anything in your life.  You have the power to create exactly what you need."

"Visualize a healing light pouring forth from every pore of your body and touching everyone you meet.  When we project our  light onto other beings, we tap into the essence of connection."

"The more love we project, the more loving people we will attract.  Guess what we attract when we project neediness judgment, or any of those love-destroying qualities?"

"Like attracts like!  Become what you want to attract!"

"What a valuable resources men and women provide each other!  When we love and learn from one another, we have a chance at wholeness."

"As we truly take responsibility for our lives and honour who we are, a new dawn of love caring and sharing will begin."

"All negative emotions are always appropriate.  It is our responses to them that often are not."

"Be responsible for your mouth is part of being responsible for your life!"

"Kids will be kids and we forgive.  Adults will be kids as well.  We all need to forgive when those we love act in childlike ways."

"If you think the world will treat you badly, you immerse yourself in darkness.  If you think the world will embrace you lovingly, you open the doors to the light."

Contributed by Susan Jeffers
Thoughts of Power and Love

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