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Rupert McKerron Quotes

Hope you enjoy the following quotes written by Rupert McKerron :

"We need to follow our dreams and listen to our feelings so that we can find our unique talent."

"I want you to believe in yourself!"

"Your subconcious mind is your intuition and speaks to you through feelings."

"Like a genie, your subconscious will deliver whatever it is asked regardless of the consequences."

"Waking up each morning and repeating a positive affirmation like, 'today is filled with opportunities' gives clear instructions to your subconscious."

"By reapting the affirmations, your subconscious hears these words so often that it realises, like the genie, it needs to start delivering results."

"The key to your purpose in life lies in your subconscious.  Your subconscious mind, also known as your intuition, knows your unique talents and always works in your best interest."

"Unlike our conscious mind, our subconscious mind talks to us through feelings that often take the form of thoughs that pop into our minds at the most unexpected moments - when we are daydreaming, or our conscious mind is not active."

"If there is a problem, you can take steps to fix it.  But if you deny the problem and run away from it you can never fix it."

"Once you have set your goals, you will be amazed at how you suddenly become aware of events in your life that can help you achieve your goals."

"From time to time imagine having achieved your goal.  See it, smell it, taste it, hear it, feel it.  Visualising your goal will help you achieve your goal faster."

"To lead a Big Life, it is important to take responsibility for your life and all the circumstances that occur in your life."

"By taking responsibility, you become proactive in your approach to life.  When you blame others you become reactive to events in your life and are no longer in charge."

"When faced with a situation that creates irritation, try viewing the event as a teacher and ask yourself, "What lesson am I meant to learn from this?"

"At times of stress or anxiety if we bring ourselves into the present by focusing on sights and sounds immediately around us, it settles our mind and helps us deal with problems troubling us."

"If you believe that the world is a hard place with no opportunity, people you meet, articles you read and TV programmes you watch will reinforce this view."

"If you believe that the world is abundant and full of opportunity, people you meet, articles you read and TV programmes you watch will reinforce this view."

Written by Rupert McKerron
How to Have A Big Life: Sharing Simple Secrets of Success

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