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Robin Nixon Quotes

Hope you enjoy the following quotes written by Robin Nixon:

"In numerous studies, the key to creative visualization has been found time and again to be having positive expectation of a good outcome."

"When you visualize a goal and truly expect that you will achieve it the chances of doing so are several times greater than if you merely fantasize over it."

"Always select goals you are confident you can achieve."

"With creative visualization you can change or achieve almost anything to which you put your mind."

"Belief is a very powerful thing.  Everything you know and do is built on beliefs.  It's true.  Nothing is really based on facts because, as any scientist will tell you, no facts are ever proven to be a hundred per cent true - only the statistical chance of a thing being true can be considered."

"If you truly believe, then what you desire becomes achievable."

"Assert yourself quietly with small steps, and you'll soon find that your stride lengths."

"Your future self will thank you for having the patience and dedication to achieve something you really want."

"Courage is a quality, I'm sure you wish you had more of."

"When you perceive yourself as lacking in courage you inevitably end up taking the safe options, missing out on opportunities that could enrich your life."

"Affirmations work in a similar way to self-hypnosis.  What happens when you repeat them is that you come to embody their content."

"You cannot succeed at things you do not attempt."

"Goal setting is at the heart of creative visualization.  Whenever you wish to make changes in your life you must first turn these changes into goals."

"To have a greater change of attaining your goals, write them down, repeat them, and share them and your progress with your friends and family."

"When you achieve a vision, make sure you celebrate it to show everyone how important it was."

"Those who achieve great things in life do so only by remaining committed to them."

"If you want to enjoy life to its maximum then enthusiasm is something you will want to develop and grow until it pervades your entire personality, because without it whatever you do will seem somewhat lacklustre, nothing will truly inspire you, and you will come over as impersonal or even boring to other people."

Written by Robin Nixon
Yes, I Can!: Using Visualization To Achieve Your Goals

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