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"The same thing applies to every physical avocation.  To become really skillful at anything, you must get it into the charge of your subconscious mind.  As long as your conscious mind must take active control, you are tense, doubtful, hesitant, you blunder, become excited, fail. "

"Let the action become automatic, however, in other words, let your subconscious have charge of it, and you relax naturally and do whatever is required of you without effort and will."

"You are, in a word, what you think you are.  This is not a theory, a fancy or a fad.  It is a law.  And the reason why the world is filled with sin, disease, misery and misfortune is because it requires effort to think positive thoughts while negative thinking is the result of inertia."

"For our minds are vast magnets that can attract to use anything we may desire.  The only requisite is, they have got to be charged.  A demagnetized magnet won't draw to it or hold even the weight of a pin.  Nor will a demagnetized man attract to himself a single idea or a single penny."

"What we failed to realize is that there is just as inexhaustible supply of the things that money will buy as there is of sunlight or water or air.  And they can be drawn just as freely from the Father through the magic of faith and a compelling idea."

"Focus your desires in the same way.  Instead of frittering away your energy in a thousand directions, bring them all to bear in one powerful beam on one single desire at a time.  Do that, and you can attract to yourself anything of good you may wish."

"Give of your best, and you need never fear for the outcome.  Your best will come back to you, amplified an hundred fold."

"There are riches in abundance for you.  They already exist.  They are labeled 'yours' in the mind of the Father.  And until you get them, they will remain idle.  You don't have to take them from someone else.  You don't have to envy anyone else what he has.  All you have to 'know' is that somewhere all of riches that you can ever desire are lying waiting for you."

"Only in that, if you wish riches, if you long for happiness, health, success, you must think abundance, you must charge your mind with happy thoughts, healthy thoughts, optimistic thoughts."

"You have got to cast your bread upon the waters, in the secure confidence that it will come back to you multiplied an hundred fold."

"The world's most tragic figure is the man who never starts anything.  He is dead from the waist down.  He sits and wishes and dreams; he goes through motions, doing routine things that a machine could do just as well, but he never gets anywhere."

"You want to get out of the rut, to grow, to develop into something better.  And there are unnumbered new methods in industry, new inventions, new ideas, waiting merely to be uncovered."

"In this day of miracles, it would be hardy spirit that would say that anything is impossible."

"In fact, most of the great inventors and pioneers have been outsiders.  Why?  They don't know the things that can't be done, so they go ahead and do them!"

"To make a great success, your thought has to be concentrated on your goal in the same way that the Marconi beam system concentrates all the power of its rays in the one direction.  'No man can serve two masters', with justice to either."

"We reap what we sow.  A grain of corn planted reproduces only corn.  A grain of wheat brings forth wheat."

"It matters not whether you are the owner of a great enterprise or the third assistant errand boy in the corner grocery.  The same principle apply.  In either case, it is you that is your business."

Written by Robert Collier
The Life Magnet

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