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"Confidence is not something that you are born either with or without."

"On the other hand, if you think diffenrently, you feel differently, and do differently.  Force yourself to think more positively and you start to feel happy and confident."

"People are more successful and confident when they focus on their strength rather than dwell on their weakness.  I'm sure you know from personal experience that investing your energies in an activity you are good at is much more fun than working on one of your hated weakness."

"Many people downplay their talents.  But just because a talent comes naturally to you does not mean that it comes easily to others."

"No one can be good at everthing.  And confident people know that they need to give themselves credit for their strenghts rather than beat themselves up for their weakness."

"People may have low confidence for all sorts of reasons - their childhood, their genes, their age, their circumstances.  But irrespective of what has happened to you in the past and what is happening to you now, you can influence your future."

"Confidence is the ability to take action, however challenging it may feel at the time."

"When you deploy your strengths, you undoubtedly feel in control, stronge and invigorated."

"Confidence people believe in themselves.  And because they believe, they achieve."

"The beliefs you hold and the thoughts you have can make you feel strong and excited or tense and unhappy."

"Different people experiencing exactly the same event can end up with different beliefs.  Even though the situation may be the same, their thoughts can go in wildly different directions."

"If you're not feeling as confident as you could be, your inner critic is probably shooting down your ideas and blaming you for your mistakes."

"You probably don't spend a lot of time thinking about the way you think.  After all, you've been doing it for as long as you can remember."

"The human mind is naturally attuned to feel loss more acutely than gain, to focus on negatives over positives, to agonise over risk rather than relish opportunity.  But your outlook on life is not fixed.  Science shows that you can change it."

"Pessimism breeds more negatively and closes doors."

"Optimism draws people to you and opens up opportunities you might otherwise ignore."

"By looking out for a mere three good things a day, you train yourself to appreciate what is going well in your life."

Written by Rob Yeung
Confidence: The power to take control and live the life you want

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