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Richard Templar Quotes - How to Get What You Want

"You see, the clearer you are about what exactly you want, the easier it is to aim for it. Otherwise you may not even know when youíve got it."

"Those people who always seem to have what they want...actually they donít. They often sacrifice smaller wants in the
interests of bigger ones."

"No one can have everything. So work out how much you want the particular thing youíre aiming at, especially in relation to
all the other things you might want."

"But if you are open to possibility, and are willing to give things a try to see where it takes you, sometimes it will take you to a place you couldnít have envisioned but that is perfect for you."

"If you want something, you have to go for it. You donít necessarily have to sacrifice everything (sometimes you do) but you do have to make a firm decision to take action."

"People who get what they want are generally decisive people."

"If you want something you have to work out how to get it, and this is the first stage of that process."

"Dealing with any kind of life or work problem is going to be a whole lot easier if you have good friends, or your partner
again, backing you up."

"Sometimes what you want should be achievable in a fairly short time. But other aspirations are too big to take a blind jump at. You need to break them into manageable steps."

"Milestones are important for two reasons. For one thing they help you to get organized so that you can launch your plan
more effectively. And for another thing they ensure you stay on track and keep pointing toward your destination."

"Every time you reach any milepost along  the way, you need to recognize the fact, rejoice, celebrate, enjoy your success, bask in the achievement."

"The power of positive thought is huge. Just by consciously acknowledging your achievements along the way, youíll feel
more successful."

"Write down what you want, and then write down what you need to get it."

"Anything worth having is going to take some detailed thought and planning and preparing and groundworklaying."

"You see, if you think creatively thereís often another way to get what youíre after. So donít give upóget thinking."

"Want to know why some people always seem to get what they want? Itís because they donít sit around making excuses and hoping it will just manifest out of thin air while theyíre waiting."

"Positive people are so because they choose to think positive thoughts."

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How to Get What You Want

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