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Richard Fields, Ph.D. Quotes

Hope you enjoy the following quotes written by Richard Fields, Ph.D. :

"Intention is that mental energy that controls our actions."

"Speech is powerful.  Words can help create peace or wars, invoke compassion or hatred, heal or shame, join or divde, love or destroy."

"Enjoying the simple acts of walking, talking, listening or any of our bodily senses (the smell and taste of food, the touch of a loved one) are all acts of mindfulness if we remember to enjoy and be present with them."

"A negative, reactive attitude toward others causes harm."

"Instead of focusing on the faults of others, it is best to focus on your own issues and challenges."

"Blame is just another form of criticism and a way to avoid looking at your own responsibility."

"People often complain about things that are not in their control."

"The ultimate goal of right speech is to help establish safety in relationships, which leads to trust - a trust that promotes peace, cooperation and well-being among people in our communities and our world."

"Life is difficult enough without beating yourself up.  Give yourself a break, lighten up, and stay in the 'now'."

"Instead of being hard on yourself, focus on your positive self."

"Doing is success.  Stop being so hard on yourself.  Do the best you can and things will develop over time."

"Learning from your mistakes leads to knowing yourself.  Ignoring your mistakes leads to denial and delusion.  Embrace your mistakes and understand yourself."

"We tend to focus on the small number of negative things about ourselves and our lives, instead of on the abundance of good things about ourselves and our lives."

"Focus on the good things in your life, as well as your talents and skills.  Have gratitude for your life.  Let what comes flow and do not judge."

"Setbacks are a universal part of life.  Everyone has setbacks.  It is how you think and deal with these setbacks (mindfulness) that determines your ability to cope, grow, and move forward."

"Optimistic thinking involves accepting mistakes and seeing them as being related to a specific issue."

"Opening up to discovery means looking at things with openess and seeing them as they really are.  It requires the ability to accept and work through difficult times, make healthy changes and embrace personal growth."

Written by Richard Fields, Ph.D.
Awakening to Mindfulness: 10 Steps for Positive Change

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