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"It is the law of attraction. We attract what we think aboutóthat which we lust after, and that which we fear. Anything that consumes our thoughts gets manifested in the real world."

"Nothing will infect you with a negative view of the world faster than hanging around people with harmful belief systems."

"The most important resources you will ever have are your mind and your mind-set. You must protect them at all costs."

"Little by little, in subtle ways, you get programmed. You create beliefs that get cemented in your personality. You donít realize you are doing this, but you are. Your core, foundational beliefs about relationships, money, and success will all be programmed into you by the time you are 10 years old."

"In fact, people often trade away their health to get a particular job, win a promotion, or earn a certain amount of money. You learn quickly enough that it isnít worth it.

"We have convinced ourselves (along with lots of help from advertising agencies) that things like cake and cookies and chips are real food. Theyíre not.  The end result is we have become overfed, but malnourished."

"The real secret to wellness is some common sense and moderation. And realizing that if you watch five hours of television a night, youíre going to easily view 25 or 40 commercials designed to keep you sick, fat, and lethargic."

"Just as a gardener must tend his or her plot, keeping out the weeds, you must tend the garden of your mind, weeding out the thoughts of lack, limitation, and negativity. You must nurture and tend the thoughts of happiness, success, and purpose."

"No one simply wakes up one day in prison, or divorce court, or the emergency room. These events are the direct result of the thoughts you have had up to that point."

"You must accept that, on one level or another, you have manifested everything happening in your life, even the horrific, nasty stuff.  Of course, you donít do it consciouslyóbut you do it."

"I really do believe everyone can have all the prosperity they desire.  But the universal laws that govern prosperity can only do for you what they can do through you."

"Prosperity is created in the mind first. All the good you wish to manifest already exists as an ideal in your mind on the superconscious level."

"You are a perfect individualization of Infinite Power. This Infinite Power created man in its image."

"If you hold on to the negative, there is no room for the positive to come into your life."

"Once you realize the universe is inherently good, itís easier to have faith in just outcomes."

"Prosperity, like all forms of success, is created in the mind first. When you image things in your conscious mind, you are actually programming your subconscious mind to manifest them on the physical plane."

"Your lifeís purpose is how you are going to make the world a better place by helping it function more in keeping with your values and ideals. Your purpose is not a state of being; itís what you are actually going to put forth with your life."

Written by Famous Author : Randy Gage
Why You're Dumb, Sick & Broke...And How to Get Smart, Healthy & Rich!

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