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Rachel Henke Quotes

Hope you enjoy the following quotes written by Rachel Henke:

"Mistakes are part of learning and growing so jump right in and get started.  I've made tons of mistakes along the way and I'm sure without those multiple mistakes I wouldn't have acquired the expertise that I now have."

"If you're not 100% clear on your purpose, take some time to sit somewhere peaceful and just put the question out there.  Ask your subconscious, the universe or whatever divine power you trust, to provide you with some direction on your life purpose.  If you find this suggestion alien, talk it over with someone you trust and admire instead."

"If you sow increase, by which I mean add value, everywhere you go it won't be too long before you start attracting more of what you want."

"Repetition is the fast track to mastering anything quickly."

"When will you go for your dreams? If you’re kidding yourself that you’ll do it next year then stop it. This is the year to make it happen. Don’t delay any longer – you can start part-time."

"Getting it done at your own pace is more important than how long it takes because this foundation will create the platform for everything you do in your business from now on, if you do it right."

"Discovering your purpose and passion doesn’t have to be an elusive dream that you’ll follow when you’re 60. "

"So what it comes down to is looking closely at your skills and talents. Yes – you have those too. Sometimes you need to dig deep, but there they are, waiting to be discovered."

"If you’re not happy and fulfilled most of the time then the chances are that you are probably not aligned with your purpose."

"Don’t use not yet knowing your purpose as an excuse not to take action. It will fall into place for you as you take the first steps."

"It is critical for your success mindset that you become very clear and committed to what you’re doing."

"It is essential that you begin with the right mindset and understand that to create a successful business it takes consistency and long term vision."

"When mapping out your big vision, don’t get caught up in the how. Just outline how you want it to look for now and remember you can improve upon this as your understanding deepens."

"In your plan, be as specific as you can."

"The chances are you went with whatever subject you were good at in school and somehow cobbled together a career option that made sense. It’s ok, but not very inspiring is it?"

"By taking the time to do your research, you’ll be rewarded by many ‘light bulb’ moments and you’ll gain clarity that will empower you to take big leaps because you’ll see clearly where you are going."

"Working out your ‘niche’ can be a bit overwhelming and sometimes you will need to be patient with yourself as you figure it out."

Written by Rachel Henke
The Niche Expert

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