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Paul McGee Quotes

"The challenge is to make the most of your journey, whatever day you're on.  What that journey looks like and what experiences it involves will be influenced by lots of factors, particularly your level of confidence."

"Everyone can benefit from an increase in self-confidence - you don't have to be ill to get better."

"Focus on the ten percent difference - over time it makes a big impact."

"Increasing your self-confidence doesn't guarantee an easy ride in life, but it will improve the quality of the journey."

"Self-confidence is not the absence of self-doubt.  It's being able to live with your doubt as your companion but not as your master."

"That's the thing about beliefs; they don't have to be true to be powerful."
"If you're waiting for the right feeling before you take the right action, you could be waiting a long time.  Sometimes you need to turn down the volume on your internal self-talk and just take action." Paul McGee Quotes
"You can't manage the past.  You can only focus on today and determine that tomorrow will be better."

"Children thrive on challenges.  They're sustained by encouragement.  They're crushed through continual criticism."

"Value people particularly children, for who they are, not simply for what they achieve."

"If you can change your thinking, you can change how you're feeling."

"Holding negative beliefs about yourself can put the brakes on you making a breakthrough."

"Confidence may be an inside job, but it requires outside help.  Battling through life believing that you and you alone are wholly responsible for your success is, to put it bluntly, a lie."

"Some people's life is like a car journey, except that they believe someone or something else is in the driving seat."

"Some people dwell on their failures but skim over their successes."

"Feeling confident does not mean that you never feel nerves.  Confidence comes from controlling your nerves rather than them controlling you."

"It's OK to have the feelings, but you don't need to hold onto them.  Deep relaxation techniques are also a great strategy to alleviate anxiety."

Contributed by Paul McGee
The Remarkable Truth of Why a Small Change Can Make a Big Difference

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