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Neville Goddard Quotes

Neville Goddard Quotes

"Man becomes what he imagines. He has a self determined history. Imagination is the way, the truth, the life revealed."

"What a comfort it is to know that all that I experience is the result of my own standard of beliefs; that I am the center of my own web of circumstances and that as I change, so must my outer world!"

"No idea presented to the mind can realize itself unless the mind accepts it. It depends on the acceptance, the state with which we are identified, how things present themselves."

"Man, who is free in his choice, acts from conceptions which he freely, though not always wisely, chooses."

"Only by identifying ourselves with our aim can we forgive ourselves for having missed it. All else is labor in vain. On this path, to whatever place or state we convey our imagination, to that place or state we will gravitate physically also."

"Once man accepts thinking from the end as a creative principle in which he can cooperate, then he is redeemed from the absurdity of ever attempting to achieve his objective by merely thinking of it."

"Desire is the mainspring of the mental machinery. It is a blessed thing. It is a right and natural craving which has a
state of consciousness as its right and natural satisfaction."

"It is necessary to have an aim in life. Without an aim we drift."

"In defining your aim, you must want it."

"Knowing that every desire is ripe grain to him who knows how to think from the end, he is indifferent to mere reasonable probability and confident that through continuous imagination his assumptions will harden into fact."

"The inner world of thought and feeling to which the inner body is attuned has its real structure and exists in its own higher space."

"Whenever the actions of the inner body match the actions which the outer must take to appease desire, that desire will be realized."

"Expectancy and desire were so intensely joined that they passed at once from a mental state into a physical act."

"To realize your desire, an action must start in your imagination, apart from the evidence of the senses, involving movement of self and implying fulfillment of your desire."

"Whenever it is the action which the outer self takes to appease desire, that desire will be realized."

"Ideas only act if they are felt, if they awaken inner movement. Inner movement is conditioned by selfmotivation,
outer movement by compulsion."

"We should take our life, not as it appears to be, but from the vision of this artist, from the vision of the world made perfect that is buried under all minds—buried and waiting for us to revise the day."

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