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"Change takes determination and courage, so avoid people whose ambivalence and pessimism will drag you down.  Instead, surround yourself with what will encourage you and uplift your spirits: art, music, dance, nature and people whose hearts are on their sleeves, not in their bank accounts."

"Identifying and facing your fears is a crucial step in the first stage of change."

"When you live and work in a messy, cluttered environment, your mind is distracted by the chaos."

"Imagine you are a gardener who needs to prune a fruit tree so that it can produce a plentiful crop in spring."

"You will know you're on the right track when you give without expecting a return and when you don't feel used."

"Simplifying your life allows you to think about what is important to you at this stage of life: finding the niche where you will grow to your full potential and make the money you need."

"When you relapse into old habits, you turn around and face your fears again and again, until nothing can tempt you to go back to the past."

"Choices that work are made in a calm state of mind at the right stages of life. "

"Mental clarity is the ability to make distintions between the false and the true, between what passes for love and genuine love."

"When you catch yourself playing the role of the victim, focus on the solution to the problem instead of complaining or hoping someone will rescue you."

"Change takes place when you choose freely, consciously and willingly. Until then you fake it, or you arrange to let someone else make the choice for you."

"Discipline solves a problem by turning you into a more effective person, as when you decide to save part of your income and invest it rather than spend everything you earn."

"Like the prince, you must pass through the forest of fear and self-doubt to reach your authentic self, the autobiography you write will guide you."

"Be assured, a Power greater than any of us will take care of the people who harmed you and probably already has, although you may not know how swift and precise retribution can be.  Or sometimes the wheels of justice grind slowly, but grind they do."

"Life set up many hurldes for you to jump."

"The desire to master what you to is another sign you're on the passion path.  You want to get it right, whatever, it is, so you practise and practise, correcting yourself as you go along."

"Your strengths are what you do naturally, seemingly without effort."

Written by Nancy Anderson
Work with Passion in Midlife and Beyond

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