Muriel C. Moton Quotes

Hope you enjoy the following quotes written by Muriel C. Moton :

"When you have hope, you have vision."

"As your vision becomes stronger, your hope will increase your faith."

"Blessings often unfold out of some of life's most unfortunate circumstances."

"Much of success in life is hinged on self-control and self-management."

"Make a vow to yourself to make the journey to experience the freedom that can only be found with standing tall and living healthy emotionally.  In other words, live life like it matters."

"When the storms of life come your way, and they will, stop long enough to see your life's possibilities beyond your present circumstances."

"When trouble enters your life and makes plans to be around for a while, it does not mean you must stick around and be the host."

"When you are faced with the storms of life and have done all you can do, do not break, do not bow and do not bend.  Be strong in the knowledge that you are more than a conqueror, your are a victor!  You have a good back.  Stand Tall!"

"Remaining stuck in events of the past is one of the greatest hindrances to living a fulfilling life."

"No matter what your life story may be, you can accept the truth about the past and begin a new history.  Unknown to many, there is something powerful that can emerge out of a painful, devasting or disappointing past.  That powerful emergence is YOU."

"Walking out of your history is the most beautiful love story you can create."

"When you have faith, you don't have doubt.  When you have doubt, you don't have faith."

"No matter what you have or have not accomplished in your life, you can always accomplish more.  When you choose to live your life with unlimited potential, you can achieve more."

"You know, as we grow, it is inevitable that we will encounter obstacles."

"To have a healthy relationship, you must first love and treat yourself well."

"Be careful what you tell yourself.  Do not label or name yourself with words of dishonor."

"Forgive and accept yourself as the precious jewel of humanity that you are.  Realize that you cannot change what happened yesterday."

Written by Muriel C. Moton
Live Life Like It Matters

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