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"You're not beholden to life, life is beholden to you."

"You are truly the only mystery you ever have to contend with and you're no mystery at all.  Understand yourself and you'll understand the universe."

"Thoughts don't start becoming things once you know this stuff, the Universe doesn't start applying its principles once you become enlightened.  The game is under way."

"Thoughts become things!"

"If you look at any incident in your life as an isolated incident, you're taking it out of context."

"We are perfect, not because we've reached a point but because we're reaching."

"When you love the path, your dreamed of destination becomes almost incidental and happiness becomes a daily affair."

"Be the shift.  Stop waiting for it."

"This is life's ultimate test, to see without looking to hear without listening, to know without going and to be without becoming."

"Always, just beyound our physical senses, the universe churns with all its magic and miracles.  It's not just sititing there on idle, it's in the middle of orchestrating your life."

"Opportunity does not knock only once, it knocks every single moment of every single day for every single one of us."

"Life is a spiritual game and it must be played spiritually in order to win, the key is recognizing this even though our lives are expressed physically."

"Its astounding how well things work when you stop resisting or insisting."

"One day at a time, one hour at a time, or once minute at a time is all that's necessary to begin the longest of journeys."

"Be creative and let loose, knowing all the while that your thoughts of today are what paint the pictures of your tomorrow.  It's the law."

"Scrapbooks most certainly do not have to be just about acquiring material things."

"We are eternal, we are timeless and so are our connections with one another."

"Our work is how we create and contribute and it's how we make the biggest difference with our lives."

"When you don't know what to do, don't do anything!  Wait.  Wait until you do know because if you stay true to yourself, eventually you will reach the point of knowing."

"By first demonstrating your compassion and appreciation, you become a partner and an ally, paving the way for convesations rather than conflicts."

Written by Mike Dooley 
Manifesting Change: It Couldn't Be Easier

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