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"Even the most satisfying life requires some compromise, giving up some dreams to pursue others. Moreover, our dreams change and grow throughout our lives. Changing your mind about what you want and what you’re willing to give up is a natural part of growth."

"But until then, visualizing your ideal performance of an activity—succeeding at whatever you’ve chosen to imagine—really does count as practice in doing something well.  In other words, visualization isn’t just mind over matter.  It’s actually mind creating matter as your images literally alter your brain."

"Fear of success is an anxiety about the consequences that you believe success will bring, such as envy, isolation, guilt, anger, not being a real man or a real woman, or being trapped in a “dream life” that you don’t really want."

"That’s why people driven by fear of failure tend to do worse in school and on the job. When you feel stress, your brain releases a set of hormones known as glucocorticoids. These potent chemicals destroy other neurons in your brain and reduce optimal functioning of your hippocampus, the center for long-term memory."

"Our fears, hopes, and biases often keep us from seeing things clearly, and our unreliable memories make it even harder.
Science has a lot to tell us about how our faulty memories can make it harder to predict the future."

"Putting our memories in perspective can help us get a grip on our fears."

"It’s not only that our emotions distort our memories. We also harbor incorrect memories of emotions themselves."

"The more positive memories you have of feeling good, the more confidence and effectiveness you’ll carry with you into the future. Feeling confi dent, effective, and calm creates a positive cycle to replace the vicious one."

"If a baseball player is in a slump, for example, he is likely to obsess about his inability to hit the ball. Every time he comes up to bat, he worries about whether he’ll get a hit—and the more he worries, the less
 likely he is to get one."

"In other words, don’t tell yourself not to miss the ball. Don’t even tell yourself to hit the ball. Instead, imagine that you have already hit the ball—and then put yourself into the mental state you’d be in if you actually had hit it. In effect, you’ll have fooled your Monitor, which won’t be able to find any negative evidence that you’re about to repeat your same old failure. By convincing yourself that you already are successful, you will succeed."

"Thinking about the problem reactivates the problem, a seemingly endless feedback loop that locks us into a permanent cycle of repeating our mistakes and obsessing about our failures."

Written by Famous Author : Michael Silverman
Unleash Your Dreams: Tame Your Hidden Fears and Live the Life You Were Meant to Live

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