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Hope you enjoy the following quotes written by Meera Lester :

"Take that time to indulge in something that makes you feel peaceful and relaxed."

"Plan a little time off just for yourself to do some inner reflection.  The amount of time is not as important as getting the respite you need.  Make your time away a priority.  It's a small amount of time just for you to clear your head, gather your energy, and get perspective."

"If some past event or encounter still bothers you, do what you can to process through it and let it go."

"Prayer can center you when things are going right in your life, give solace and lift you when you feel down and remind you that you aren't alone."

"Random acts of kindness require very little effort but pay great dividends in the good karma and personal happiness they generate."

"Unless you know what is really important to you and what you want out of life, how are you going to know where you are going, how to get what you want, and what your life purpose is?"

"The greatest gift you can give anyone is the gift of life."

"You can live your life focused on yourself or you can choose the higher path and offer part of your life in work for the betterment of others less fortunate."

"When performing everyday charitable acts, your life takes on meaning and purpose."

"If you want to have a happy, meaningful life, ask yourself what actions you will need to take and what values and purposes you must have to drive those actions."

"One way to make your life more meaningful is to join others in working to save the planet."

"Law of attraction experts say that when you know exactly what you want, it is easier to attract it."

"Happiness is closely linked to good health, and one way to stay healthy is to avoid exposure to all kinds of toxic agents."

"Get active and you will feel better.  If you prefer team sports to those you do solo, join a softball or bowling team or organize one that includes people from your circle of friends or business colleagues."

"Keep your brain fit as you age by simulating it with memory exercises and problem-solving games.  Doing daily crossword or number puzzles means your brain gets a substained cognitive workout every day."

"Working on a job that you enjoy will increase your levels of happiness."

"Your subconscious doesn't know real experience from imagined.  According to the teachings of the law of attraction, you just have to believe the experience can be yours and supercharge it with emotion in order to manifest it in your life."

Written by Meera Lester
365 Ways to Live the Law of Attraction

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