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Hope you enjoy the following quotes written by Mary Claire O'Neal :

"What you focus on creates an affinity for that in your life."

"Gratitude is one of the most powerful states of mind and heart that creates happiness -- consistent happiness.  Feeling gratitude for what I already have has been an amazing and loving way for me to sustain happiness."

"Taking baby steps is what works for most people in making their dreams come true."

"Our hearts are important indicators of where our happiness lies, but we also have been given brains to look at our choices and to consider the effects of those choices."

"Creating a vision for what you truly want is a very helpful and powerful first step to bring a dream into reality."

"Vision gives a direction, a focus for bringing more joy and happiness into your life."

"Once you know what makes you happy, it's time to take action."

"The whole process of action toward your dreams is much easier and more manageable if you set relistic goals and create a flexible timeline in easy steps."

"The important thing to remember with goal-setting is that the goals themselves are only the vehicles to help get you moving into the process."

"Don't get stuck in your goals thinking that their attainment is where you will finally achieve happiness forever, amen.  It is the journey, the process, where the joy is."

"We can depend on it: Change happens.  But change is the sign of growth and expansion of who we are and that is good thing."

"Bumps in the road are an inevitable part of life.  Our bumps can come from many different sources.  Falling down is how we learned to walk, after all, so a life without a stumble here and there is a life that is probably controlled by fear without many steps being taken."

"Mistakes will happen.  It's a part of life."

"Mistakes will happen and what we do about the mistakes is important."

"Pain is a part of life and can be a bump in the road, whether it be emotional or physical pain."

"Pain happens and so does change, but it is what we do with what happens in our lives that makes the difference."

"Happiness is always right in front of us, waiting to be seen and experienced moment to moment.  It is an ever present potential."

Written by Mary Claire O'Neal
Becoming What You Want to See in the World

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