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"Every person needs to align his conscious messages with his unconscious messages."

"Remember you are the creator of your Universe and your home and office is part of your Universe."

"Take every step that you can to bring more power into your life.  Even small steps help."

"When you have opened yourself to the power of the Universe you will feel empowered.  Empowering is about radiating the power in yourself and sharing with others the messages that changed your life."

"Move forward without fear and even if you have fear, move forward anyway, even if your knees are knocking."

"Wisdom is a combination of intuition, inspiration, information and knowledge."

"The Universe will not only provide you with wealth, happiness and great health, you can attract all the wisdom you need in your life."

"Every successful person I have met was involved in a spiritual and religious practice or believed in scientific knowledge."

"Every successful person remains a student of life, they know that they will never know everything.  They know that the more you know, the more there is to know."

"When you choose to change your life by attracting the right things, people and outcomes in your life, you need to start to feel compassionate about what you have attracted so far."

"Life will get so much easier when you stop judging yourself and others.  You lose so much energy when you judge others and it does not feel good in your heart."

"The law of attraction can only really work if you prepare yourself to receive the manifestation of your wishes."

"You only start understanding how important health is when you start losing it."

"When you feel that success is slowing down, it is perhaps because your health is slowing down."

"When a person's life is balanced they feel happy inside and also happy with what is around them."

"Without passion there is no drive.  It is your fuel that makes your dream move forward.  Dreams without passion don't happen."

"If you want your wish and your request to the Universe to manifest you need to let the Universe know that you are passionate about it, not only by thinking and feeling but by actiong upon it to show the Universe that this is what you wish for."

Written by Marie Diamond
The Very Simple Law of Attraction

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