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"Failure is a big part of life, but it's how we react to failing that will determine our destiny. If we learn from it and move on, it can help to make us all we can be. If you fear it to the extent that you never take risks, you'll never grow."

"Love, simply stated, is the essence of life. It can put the smile on your face, the bounce in your step, and most importantly, the joy in your heart. Even when your whole world is crumbling around you, one person holding your hand, looking into your eyes, saying "I love you" is enough to get you through."

"An individual's yearning to reach outside his life is a seed of greatness waiting for a stream of inspiration. Carving that stream to people's hearts is a simpler task if the endeavor you are leading them into is attached to a bigger story."

"Ideas are powerful and one, just one, can change your business and your life. If you don't believe me, just pick up the phone and call Steve Jobs, Howard Shultz or Bill Gates."

"As a lifetime entrepreneur, the "Big Idea question" has always fascinated me. Although every story is different, sometimes just reading how it happened can spark your imagination into action."

"I truly respect those people and those companies with the courage to take a risk or embrace change, because risk and change are the common denominators for all Big Ideas. So with this little book, open your minds and prepare to be inspired. The next Big Idea could be yours!"

"When I'm making a decision that might involve risk (and as a life-long entrepreneur, I've made a few) it's comforting to know that if I fail, I'll learn something and move forward. Without question, my willingness to take calculated risks that I believe in has been the key to any success I've enjoyed in my business career."

"Having a simple, clearly defined goal can capture the imagination and enthusiasm of your people. It can cut through the night like a beacon. It can bring an idea to life."

"Gratitude is not a fair weather virtue. True gratitude means appreciating your life no matter what the storms may bring. Is simply being alive gift enough for you to feel grateful?"

"I highly recommend setting aside pockets of time during each day for solitude. You might have only five or ten minutes, but be alone and uninterrupted. And then sometime each week devote an extended time - at least one hour - to reconnect with your soul. How and when you do it is a very personal thing, but plan it because solitude doesn't happen on its own. Make it a priority in your life."

"People are like sticks of dynamite. The power is on the inside, but nothing happens until the fuse gets lit."

"A wide ocean of possibilities lies before your child, but there is nothing simple about the journey to adulthood. Will you be there to guide and protect your child from the dangers along the way? It all begins with knowing your child."

Written by Famous Author : Mac Anderson
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