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Lindsay C. Gibson Quotes

"Discouragement happens to everyone, but you may become unnecessarily demoralized by it if you do not realize it is a natural part of the growth process."

"Human beings have the remarkable capacity to become something other than what they really are, and make it their reality."

"The fact that someone believes in us lifts us to heights we could never achieve all by ourselves. To be believed in, even if our parents are missing our truest interests, is a compelling and inspiring experience."

"We do not want to arrive at the end of our lives feeling like we have not frilly lived, that something vital was left undone."

"You are choosing every day what kind of force you are going to be in the world: a force for growth, or a force for resignation."

"Taking responsibility for your own life being satisfying and fulfilling is not a selfish act in the old sense of that word.
Think of it as psychological pollution control: we are obliged to clean up our own dissatisfactions before they contaminate our relationships with others."

"Our obligation or duty is to play our parts in life so that our particular strengths and weaknesses, our very individuality,
can interweave with the fabric of the world in ways that enrich and strengthen both ourselves and the world."

"When we are receptive, the process of communication with our true self is so smooth and natural that it requires no
conscious effort on our part."
"If you force yourself to pursue things that are not in line with your deepest interests, you will find yourself losing energy, feeling tired, bored, and stifled. It will feel as if something inside you is not willing to go along."
"Every time you notice a surge of energy, or follow your interests, you are having a success moment Tag it, and keep going."

"Success is success. People who have successfully followed their dreams have learned the art of nurturing and tagging their success moments, and they take every bit of credit for them."

"To discover your true purpose, you must experiment with choosing from your soul. These tiny choice points are easy to
overlook, just as the tools of self-discovery seem unremarkable until you deliberately start using them."

"If an inner voice tells you that you’ll never make it, that you’re building castles in the air and you’re a failure, ignore it by putting all your thoughts into determining that you are going to realize your goals no matter what Do whatever you have to do—self-talk, justifying, calling a friend, or writing yourself a go-get-’em letter—but don’t let the ego have the last word."

"Going where your motivation leads you will be one of the most personal achievements of your whole life."

"If your goal is based on who you really are, the ups and downs along the way are harmless. Chalk up your setbacks as signs of growth."

"You must learn to say to yourself: I am going through a downturn; I have temporarily lost my altitude and motivation, but through the use of persistence and endurance I will keep moving in the general direction I have chosen and these small inconsistencies will correct themselves." 

"Motivation must begin to rely on persistence at some point. Good days and bad days are part of the process and persistence keeps moving you when the original excitement of motivation is fading."

Quotes of wisdom by Lindsay C. Gibson
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