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Linda Kaplan Thaler Quotes

Linda Kaplan Thaler Quotes

"Failure is how we learn—it’s how we develop and acquire grit."

"Grit begins with the courage to take on a tough challenge, and not falter in the face of adversity."

"Guts is what gives you the confidence to take a calculated risk, to be daring (without being reckless). Guts is about putting yourself out there, declaring your intention to triumph, even if victory appears to be nowhere in sight."

"Some of the world’s most notable high achievers have flunked or dropped out of school, been fired from their jobs, evicted from their homes, or dealt some other major setback that forced them to hit bottom. But they bounced back."

"Right now there are millions of people who have the potential to become world-class musicians, bestselling authors, or professional athletes if they are able to draw upon the guts, resilience, initiative, and tenacity necessary to realize their
potential. Could you be one of them?" 

"Talent plays only a small part in the commercial’s success. If we were to be honest, two other, far less celebrated qualities—stamina and resilience—are the real stars."

"Without putting in the required hard work and sweat equity, talent is nothing more than a great masterpiece unpainted, a sonata unwritten, a scientific breakthrough undiscovered, an invention unrealized."

"Those with high IQ were used to working less to achieve a goal, and so, when they were confronted with very difficult tasks, they often gave up more quickly than those with lower scores."

"The gritty individual will often pursue goals that are extremely challenging, and ones that may not be recognized, or
appreciated, for decades to come." 

"Character is something you can mindfully develop over time, regardless of income, education, or connections. It is the
reason an unwanted child raised in poverty, with shoes that never fit and adults who never cared, grew into an inspirational role model for countless businesspeople and entrepreneurs."

"When asked to take on an unfamiliar task that you may not feel qualified for, look for an aspect of the opportunity that resonates with your previous experience, or with your interest in learning something new. Think of how your strengths
might be an asset, rather than automatically questioning whether you can do the job before you have it. And remember, if they asked you to do it, they already believe you can."

"Taking that first step on a high wire is always scary, but grit allows us to reach heights we never thought possible before. And when it comes to taking risks, the best way to achieve your goals is to never look down."

"Sticking with a goal you have settled on can be tough. Remind yourself of what you are trying to achieve. Do what blogger Mauricio Estrella did and make your goal your password, such as quit@smoking4ever. After all, most of us type a password many times per day. This trick can remind yourself of what you are trying to achieve."

"A dream is only a mirage if it doesn’t lead to an opportunity to make it a reality."

"Listen up! If friends and family are always telling you what a terrific dancer you are, they may be on to something. Pay attention to what people say and see that you are good at. Build on it."

"Fear is negative. You can either be overtaken by it, or you can overcome it.”

"If you wait to act in a situation until it’s risk-free before venturing a toe out onto your own proverbial high wire, what you’re really risking is a lifetime frozen at the starting line.

Quotes of wisdom by Linda Kaplan Thaler and Robin Koval
Grit to Great

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