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"Understanding what fear is, where it lives and what triggers it is critical to getting you unstuck."

"At its core, most fear is fear of failure.  Failure to conquer, failure to influence or persuade, failure to win the heart of another, failure to compete in the workplace, failure to adequately care for others, failure to appear competent and in charge."

"Clearly, sticking with an anxiety-based mindset only serves to increase our fears at a time when we most need to be thinking of creative ways to build our business, find new jobs or increase our savings."

"If you give in to the negative impulse without exploring all possible options, you're just allowing fear to absolve you of the responsibility and hard work of taking the risk."

"Maybe you're stuck in a life of comfortable inaction."

"It's an ongoing pattern of improving your life in little incremental steps.  But little steps add up to huge changes.  Imagine if you made only a 1 percent improvement in your business, your fitness and your relationships every day of your life."

"The concept of kaizen that teaches us about continuous improvement is not just about the workplace, although its effect there is obvious.  It can apply to you and to every aspect of life if you embrace it passionately and practice it rigorously."

"The differnce between those who advance on risk and those who avoid it is that the advances have the course to take the blinders off."

"Stress robs you of the energy, focus and enthusiasm you need to change your life."

"Habituation is the brain's decreased response to repetitive activity or stimuli.  That's why you barely notice if you drive the same way to work every day, but if you take an unfamiliar route, you're far more aware of your surroundings.  So shake things up by taking your home office to a coffee shop or meeting a friend for a job instead of a cocktail."

"Limiters may be afraid that you or they will get hurt if you fail or even that they may get left behind if you succeed.  And though it's easy to get stuck in the 'If they weren't holding me back' syndrome, it's up to you to manage those relationships carefully, particularly if the Limiter is your boss, spouse or parents."

"While it may be important for you to acknowledge the loss, whether it's job, career or marriage, there comes a point and it's different for each of us, when you simply need to let go and move on, no matter how difficult that may seem."

"Most of us have been taught to wait until you get before you give.  But that's bass-ackward.  People who are winners understand that success is based on exactly the opposite abundance, you set energy in motion."

"Just by shifting the focus from finding people to support you to supporting other people, you actually end up attracting supporters."

"While offering support to others is a wonderfully altruistic effort, there's absolutely nothing wrong with asking for help when you need it."

"Numerous studies have shown that both men and women live healthier and longer lives when they have a network of closed friends but the positive effects of friendship may be more profound among women."

"Although sleep experts have long recognized that serious sleep problems like chronic insomnia, sleep apnea and narcolepsy increase the risk for illness, now they're discovering that even among people who are generally healthy, a lack of adequate sleep can carry significant risk."

"At its core, every business and career is about providing value to others whether that's to internal corporate colleagues, customers or clients."

Written by Libby Gill
You Unstuck: Mastering the New Rules of Risk-Taking at Work and in Life

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