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Keith Harrell Quotes

"You see, your attitude affects all of your interactions as well as the outcome of everything you do—so a positive attitude will help you navigate successfully through life, while a negative one will cement you into destructive patterns that doom you to failure."

"The words you say fuel your attitude, so you must intentionally select helpful language in order to create the right
conditions to attract success."

"If, after you make a mistake, you tell yourself, “I never do anything right,” chances are good that you'll fail in your next attempt as well.  However, if you see that you've made an error and instead say, “I make good decisions, and I learn something new from each one,” you'll grow stronger through your life experiences."

"We all make mistakes now and then—if we didn't, we wouldn't be doing anything at all—but our attitude toward those mistakes is what determines whether or not they become setbacks or opportunities to grow."

"When you realize the impact that certain words have over your life, you can choose powerful language rather than depleting, defeating terminology."

"You may not be aware of this, but the statements you use define you because they express your underlying beliefs."

"When you act “as if” you've already achieved and received what you want, you expedite the attitude-acquisition process, becaue you're d o i n g it, not merely thinking it. You’ll move into the action that will bring you closer to having what you truly desire."

"And if you feel aimless, you can make your life more meaningful by studying and clarify why you’re here and what you want to accomplish."

"Today, decide what you need to do to overcome any barriers to your achievement, put a plan together, and take the first step."

"Life can be put as simply as this: Do nothing, and nothing gets done; do something, and many things get set into
motion. We can’t sit around expecting success to come to us—we have to break out of our inertia and take action to get
what we want."

"Regardless of what you’re doing in life, you need to take action."

"Knock, and the door will be opened. Donut wait to be rescued, and don't spend your energy complaining or worrying. Instead, define one thing you can do today that will take you one step closer to your ideal situation, your perfect life, or whatever goal or object you desire."

"Movement produces momentum. One step is all it takes to begin your journey, and as you continue to take steps, you'll move forward and leave the past behind. Also, be sure to celebrate each step you take, and enjoy the fact that you’re on your path."

"You might not be able to choose your initial circumstances, but you can choose your attitude toward your circumstances."

"Remember that your attitude determines your feelings, your feelings determine your actions, and your actions determine your results."

"Eliminate all negative and toxic programming from your life immediately by replacing it with positive programming."

"Life is full of challenges. There's no limit to how many of them will come your way, so get ready, be ready, and stay ready."

Quotes of wisdom by Keith Harrell
Attitude is Everything for Success

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